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Ask and ye shall receive … artistry!

I was foofling around on Reddit (I spend way too much time on /r/aww) and I found a post about this beautiful 16-year-old cat.  Just a few replies in, a helful redditor had cropped the photo to emphasize the angry … Continue reading

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Pube Terror, and its many sequels (brought to you by Golden Retrievers)

One day, Diogenes the Cynic dropped in to share a little note from his boner: Oral is impossible on a woman who doesn’t trim well. lowquacks helpfully points out some other universal human experiences: It is impossible to kiss a … Continue reading

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Asher visits, causes artistry

We had a visitor, a dude named Asher, the other day over on a Man Boobz thread about gaming.  I believe that he left approximately 1,000 of the (currently) 1,130 comments on that post. While it’s a bit hard to … Continue reading

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MRA History Lesson, part 3: Judas Iscariot

This is a short chapter in the MRA history of the world, but it’s a good one! CassandraSays tackles biblical history and the story of Judas Iscariot. Judas betrayed Jesus because that bitch Mary Magdalene friendzoned him and hooked up … Continue reading

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The Complete Manboobz Dictionary of MRA-English/English-MRA

Over on Man Boobz, we’ve noticed that even MRAs who are native English speakers seem to mangle and abuse the language terribly. Aaliyah: Ah, yes. There are few things that make me cringe more than reading an MRA article with … Continue reading

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Typical Medieval Feminist Plaque

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, back in mid-May, so I thought I’d leave you all with one little gem from lowquacks. David took note of a pretty hilarious comment Mark Minter made on manospherian shitlord Roosh V’s blog, where he … Continue reading

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Would you like some cake?

Commenting on a Man Boobz post about the Norwegian MRA Eivind Berge, NWOSlave was blathering on about how women’s sexuality is a resource, by which he probably meant something to be extracted, sold, and eventually depleted at great cost to … Continue reading

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