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Name change: wehuntedthemammoth.com becomes womenbeinghateful.com

The inimitable David K. Meller starts us out here:  Oh, c’mon manboobzers! At least female ones! Where would they get ideas of the p***y being a WMD? Just look at your posts on manboobz.com! For vicious, man-hating, vindictiveness, malice, and … Continue reading

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A Helpful Guide for Manboobz Trolls

Sorry so long since the last post, but I’ve been busy.  Here’s a blast from the (recent) past from Viscaria, whom we met briefly once before.  After long-time Man Boobz troll/vampire/extreme doll-lover David K. Meller tries to sockpuppet as Roger … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Cuddlebots

In an older thread about how MGTOWers need more cuddles, David K. Meller offers his 2 cents: It is sadly telling about the times in which we live how some, perhaps many, men are already beginning–long before the available technology … Continue reading

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