Would you like some cake?

Commenting on a Man Boobz post about the Norwegian MRA Eivind Berge, NWOSlave was blathering on about how women’s sexuality is a resource, by which he probably meant something to be extracted, sold, and eventually depleted at great cost to humanity.  (Actually, it’s interesting, because most people view resources as things to be exploited, but NWOSlave believed that women use their special resource to exploit other people.  Sort of the way that Guatemala used its bananas to exploit the United States! Ah, the mind of NWOSlave…)  Anyway, that thought segued seamlessly in Owly’s brain into how terrible it was for women to ridicule misogynists who try to insult random women by saying they wouldn’t have sex with them.

Polliwog tries to clarify things:

Context matters, dude. If my boyfriend, whom I want to fuck, tells me, “I would never fuck you,” I would be sad and hurt. (Also, y’know, kind of confused at this point.) If some complete stranger in whom I have no interest tells me, “I would never fuck you,” I think, “…that’s nice?” It is not particularly effective to insult people by saying, “OH YEAH WELL I WON’T GIVE YOU THINGS YOU DON’T WANT.” It is downright sad to attempt to insult them by saying you’ll withhold things they not only don’t want but which you have solid reason to expect they would actively refuse if they were offered. Would you be deeply insulted if a man you’d never met told you that you weren’t invited to his birthday party? How about if he stomped around yelling about how he had a cake entirely made of human feces and you didn’t get to eat ANY of it? Because, see, “oh no, I don’t get to eat feces” is pretty much how most of us feel about “oh no, the misogynist troll doesn’t want to have probably-rapey sex with me.”

Just your standard, garden variety poopcake

Just your standard, garden variety poopcake

CassandraSays makes an interesting point about a feces cake vs. sex with misogynists:

Honestly, I might prefer the cake. Disgusting as the idea is, it’s probably less likely to lead to a. physical injury and b. long-term psychological trauma.

Also if I changed my mind in the middle of eating the cake I would be able to leave.

Poopcake with extra poop

Poopcake with extra poop

Polliwog concedes the point, and makes a different cake:

Yeah, the analogy would probably be better if the cake were made of, like, feces, razorblades, explosives, gonorrhea, and bees. And you were allergic to bees.

Poopcake with flies standing in for the bees

Poopcake with flies standing in for the bees

CassandraSays contributes to the recipe:

And the bees were special killer bees that carried enough radiation to give you cancer.

Poopcake with radioactive hats

Poopcake with radioactive hats

kirbywarp puts on his chef’s hat:

And the gonorrhea was special gonorrhea that acted as a carrier for more gonorrhea.

Poopcake enhanced with recursive gonorrhea

Poopcake enhanced with recursive gonorrhea

CassandraSays ices that cake:

Also the cake would have to call you a whore while you were eating it.



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6 Responses to Would you like some cake?

  1. Kittehserf says:

    Oh. My. Lord.

    That is all.

  2. katz says:

    I…totally do not remember this thread. Thanks for excavating it!

  3. Luzbelitx says:

    OMG I run into this while surfing Manboobz archives…

    I’m still laughing hard. You’re awesome.

  4. cloudiah says:

    Awww, thanks!

  5. Bluecat says:

    Wow Cloudiah this is hilarious and disturbing. Especially recursive gonorrhea cake: what the hell is that? Or them?
    I’m not sure I’ll fancy any cake for a while – which is desperate, because there’s a nearly uneaten simnel cake lurking downstairs.
    On the other hand, being as its ten to three in the morning, at least I managed not to laugh so loud as to wake the beloved.

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