We Hunted the Cheetos for You

There is a lot of artistry in this post, starting with the lovely Golden Uterus* that greets David’s loyal readers. It’s worth reading the whole post, but for today I’m just going to focus on one of the MRAs that David quotes. A Spearheader named Durandal informs us that

Women’s value is defined by what they have. Which is a vagina, uterus, and babymaking capability. … Men’s value is defined by what they do. Which is build absolutely everything, provide everything and advance civilization through their effort, rationality, intelligence, courage and sacrifice.

thebewilderness responds

I want to feel bad for them thinking their bodies are not of any use for anything. Then I realize that all they do is fap away on the interwebs all day, so perhaps they are right. It is almost impossible to imagine them as feral hunter gatherers. They would have to have a clue what unprocessed food looks like.

CassandraSays’ imagination runs wild.

Now I’m imagining groups of MRAs traversing the plains, hunting the mighty herds of Cheetos.

Polliwog unleashes artistry!


Also funny: debbaasseerr imagines a new Olympic event for MRAs.

When mental gymnastics is added to the Olympics, MRAs will be all over it.

announcer: “America’s final mentalist takes the podium, it’s his final pass at the complete inversion of reality declaration, and he’ll really need to pack as much refined upsidedownedness in this to go for a medal. Total silence in the stadium now, he’s going to need all his concentration. He’s clearing his throat, get ready…”

contestant: “Women, enslave men – by getting pregnant. Thank you.”

announcer: “Brilliant! 10s from all the judges! Oh the crowd is simply nauseous with excitement, what an unbridled display of mental contortion! America takes the gold!”

UPDATE: I just realized that the lovely golden uterus adorning David’s post is itself more artistry, as it was created by the talented Pervocracy.

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