Join the Man Boobz Poster Revolution!

NOTE: These posters are parodies of posters created by A Voice for Men. None have been endorsed by A Voice for Men.

Organizers from A Voice for Men have begun engaging in activism in support of men’s rights.  By “organizers” I mean approximately 3 people in approximately 2 locations, and by “activism” I mean putting up posters that force viewers to go to the AVfM site to make any sense of them.

There are several problems with this approach:

  1. AVfM is in no way a resource that helps men with actual problems. AVfM is a cesspool. No, it’s a snake pit. Yeah, I’m not sure of the metaphor, but it is a place populated by some of the angriest men on the Internet (and a few special snowflakes they’ve let into the clubhouse), who have only two writing styles: overwrought, and didactic. If you’re interested, you can see plenty of examples by clicking here and here.
  2. By itself, postering is not activism. You can do postering in support of activism, but if all you do is postering to get page clicks on your web site… That’s not activism.
  3. The posters are almost hilariously bad. Seriously, if you ever need to teach a seminar on bad graphic design, you will want to bookmark David’s post and the links it contains.  The posters reminded me of the Ron Paul supporter who decided to help his favorite candidate a few months ago by plastering the University I work at with posters and stickers that just said “Google Ron Paul.”

Always altruistic, manboobzers decided to help them out.  Out of the goodness of our evil, feminist hearts, we decided to show them how it’s done — by creating posters that, while admittedly bad, are still better than theirs.

Cliff Pervocracy, of the wonderful blog, starts things out with two great entries:

18 minutes later, the efficient Cliff had created two more posters:

I made my own feeble contributions:

And yet again:

And once more into the breach:

Some guy who’s so bored with David’s “shtick”that he can’t seem to stop dropping by tries to derail this important discussion by identifying Thomas Ball as a MRM activist and quoting from the dictionary without quite understanding dictionaries work. (Important note: Thomas Ball was not an activist; Thomas Ball was a child abuser and a horrid man.)  But intrepid manboobzers are not easily derailed!

The noble Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III might have won the thread with this glorious poster:

I spoke too soon! Myoo promotes intersectionality with this contribution:

Bodsy counters with a real lulu:

Okay, I can’t decide who really won the thread, but those are some great posters. I reserve the right to edit this post to add more if any manboobzers continue the creativity.

EDIT: fembot makes a meme for one of the funniest bits in Paul Elam’s response to a journalist attempting to interview him about the postering campaign.

EDIT #2: David wanted to play too. Here is his sophisticated entry:

EDIT #3:  A late entry into the terrible AVfM poster sweepstakes from Alpha Van Carousel.

EDIT #4:  And the posters keep coming. katz makes a trippy one.

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14 Responses to Join the Man Boobz Poster Revolution!

  1. lowquacks says:

    These are wonderful! Thanks for immortalising them here.

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  3. Myoo says:

    I think Sir Bogsworth won, it’s just pitch-perfect: the grammar, the crappy fonts, the grainy pics, the random clipart of some oranges, the clipped URL, it’s like Geocities came back from the dead.
    But what really gave me a fit of giggles was the “Enter caption 3 here:” bit, it’s so simple and yet so perfect, like a bright red cherry of incompetence on top of a mediocrity sundae.

  4. thebionicmommy says:

    I agree that Bogsworth won. It reminded me of the first time I made a PowerPoint presentation and I had all of the letters animated a different way for each slide. Yeah, I sure did love MicrosoftWorks for Windows 98.

  5. 2-D Man says:

    That’s not some oranges. That’s a pumpkin! It just looks like oranges because the image is kind of squished. But it’s a pumpkin. Get it?

  6. HaifischGeweint says:

    I made a few of my own, but refuse to wheatpaste, and instead, am confusing the shit out of the local MRAs, who don’t understand how one can troll without a computer.

  7. Alpha von Carousel says:

    I can’t resist.

  8. cloudiah says:

    Nor should you resist, Alpha! Your entry has been added.

  9. Blamer Bushfire says:

    This is fabulous! Thanks for the laughs!

  10. katz says:

    I like Cliff’s the best; the spellchecker underline and the watermarked clip art.

    Here is a very modest contribution.

  11. cloudiah says:

    Nice! I added it. Also, your slash fic is now its own post. I should probably shamelessly hype my blog somewhere to drive traffic to it, but I don’t really know how to shamelessly hype things.

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