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A Guide to the Greek Alphabet

When I think of the alphabet, I think of sweet songs from my childhood: Or maybe sweet songs from my post-childhood period: But today, we’re here to talk about the Greek alphabet. It turns out that there are no cute … Continue reading

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Name change: becomes

The inimitable David K. Meller starts us out here:  Oh, c’mon manboobzers! At least female ones! Where would they get ideas of the p***y being a WMD? Just look at your posts on! For vicious, man-hating, vindictiveness, malice, and … Continue reading

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Poetry Inspired by Antz

Sadly, by which I mean opposite-of-sadly, we are no longer visited by Anthony Zarat, aka Antz, but he is still occasionally active over on Reddit and A Voice for Men.  You can see a typical example of his subdued and … Continue reading

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“You’re a dumbcluck,” the illustrated version

An MRA with the handle “El Rellok” proposes sending photos of bloody feathers to feminists as a … lesson, I guess? It’s a little confusing, even to other MRAs. We’re mocking it here. But as usual, I’m more concerned with … Continue reading

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