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It’s a “human rights” movement, alright…

MRAs are fond of viewing the relationship between men and women as a protection racket — as Cliff of Pervocracy used to say, “That’s a nice gender you’ve got there. Shame if something … happened to it.” Laddition illustrates that … Continue reading

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Gilbert & Sullivan redux

Alice Sanguinaria, of the wonderful Feminist Skeptic blog, is apparently another manboobzer who appreciates Gilbert & Sullivan!  The last time we channeled G&S on Man Boobz was in mockery of epic troll NWOslave; this time Alice is mocking the satire-challenged … Continue reading

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The Little Mermaid’s Gender-Neutral Pronouns 101

Longtime Man Boobz troll NWOSlave had a bit of a problem with gender-neutral pronouns, calling people who use them “zie creatures.” Polliwog offers some lyrical advice: You can use “zie”! You can use “zie”! Darling, remember It’s a third gender … Continue reading

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First Joe’s old river boat

The First Joe is a fairly recent visitor to Man Boobz-land. He’s another one in a long line of men’s righters who thinks he is so very reasonable, and the rest of us are so terribly unfair in our critiques. … Continue reading

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I Am the Very Model of an Udder Fondler General

NWOSlave, the famed milking machine technician & 2011 Man Boobz Troll of the Year, has inspired much LOLing over the years, both for his own antics and those he has inspired in others. (For example, this NWO-inspired bingo card by … Continue reading

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