Name change: becomes

The inimitable David K. Meller starts us out here:

 Oh, c’mon manboobzers! At least female ones!

Where would they get ideas of the p***y being a WMD? Just look at your posts on! For vicious, man-hating, vindictiveness, malice, and mean mindedness, a LOT of female posts here would indeed go far!

I’m still wondering when Futrelle is going to change the name of his blog here from manboobz to

This is actually one of Meller’s more reasonable, less histrionic, comments. (Here’s a more typical example.) He even omitted his usual PEACE & FREEDOM!!! signoff. But note how he’s too prissy to type the word pussy.


This, combined with the original post, somehow segues into commenters talking about typing with their genitalia:

Pussy-typing is where my Vagina Dentata come in real handy. It makes it easier to hit individual keys in order to make words, as opposed to just sort of ramming my crotch into the keyboard, hoping for the best.


ive tried to start typing with my penis so i can stand in unity with the pussy typers. i find it easier to lay the keyboard on the floor and assume a push-up position over it. in the minus column i can’t figure out a way to leave one ball on the shift key to do caps and symbols. in the plus column i’m going to hAVE AN INCREDIBLY TONED UPPER BODY IN SHORT ORDER. damn capslock. i am not going back and fixing that my foreskin is exhausted

~Improbable Joe


Penis typing could get you this. Start typing everything with your penis.

Shaenon manages to channel Meller with her own missive to David:

My dear little David! I do hope you do not include my gentle, loving, kindly, thoughtful and generous plan to put the men of the world under my solicitous boot-heel among your charges of “man-hating”!! As I have explained quite eloquently, I love men!!! I hate only “men,” those malicious and non-fluffy bearers of the John Thomas who mean-mindedly refuse to devote themselves to my service and pleasure!!!! There is nothing misandrist about hating such “men,” even though they comprise 100% of male humans currently walking the terrestrial sphere!!!!!

Ah, but things were different in the golden age now past!!!!!! I weep to think that I was born in this foul and corrupted epoch!!!!!!! Have you, David darling, ever stopped to shed a tear for the oppression I suffer from the dearth of fawning male slaveys in my kitchen and bed-chamber? Have you considered how much happier you would be if regularly and lovingly whipped by a kindly–

Alas!!!!!!!! Alack!!!!!!!!! My valve, it troubles me again!!!!!!!!! To the somnatorium for my bed-rest!!!!!!!!!!




Out of nowhere, a wild Broseidon appears. He tries an unsupported accusation:

To be fair, some folks here do strike me as the type who’d gleefully stab a man in the gut for looking at them funny, then innocently claim it was self-defense and he totally deserved it. Just sayin’.

It’s not very effective:

That’s funny, because you strike me as the type who’d body-paint himself entirely as a zebra and climb the Empire State Building while throwing increasingly dangerous-to-pedestrians pamphlets promoting homeopathy at the sidewalk, and other stuff I just completely made up.

I think I need to add “argument from what you would do, okay you haven’t, but I totally know you would” to the Shopworn Perennials.


Now climb the Empire State Building!

From there, the thread kind of devolves into some whining from a guy named Simon, and people trying to explain to him why you don’t get to have sex with people who don’t want to have sex with you. (Why is this still something we have to explain?)

But it does contain this classic line from NWOslave:

We do, 1.5 million abortions a year gets tossed into the rivers and oceans. Eat a fish eat a fetus. Catchy saying, huh?

Um, for some value of “catchy” maybe?


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