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Pube Terror, and its many sequels (brought to you by Golden Retrievers)

One day, Diogenes the Cynic dropped in to share a little note from his boner: Oral is impossible on a woman who doesn’t trim well. lowquacks helpfully points out some other universal human experiences: It is impossible to kiss a … Continue reading

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Typical Medieval Feminist Plaque

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, back in mid-May, so I thought I’d leave you all with one little gem from lowquacks. David took note of a pretty hilarious comment Mark Minter made on manospherian shitlord Roosh V’s blog, where he … Continue reading

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Graphing, Marketing, and Herbling

In a post ridiculing a guest writer (Samseau) on Roosh’s blog, David notes the dude’s terrible graph which “documents” the least and most important issues facing men in the 21st century. Least important issue?  Race. Most important issue?  Getting laid. … Continue reading

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Standard (and Non-Standard) Vaginal Access — Now with Hot Tubs

[Warning: One image in this post is possibly NSFW. Oh, why bother with a warning — everyone knows ladies don’t actually WORK.] Consider this a late Valentine’s Day post. In 2012, David published a post on how the misogynists over … Continue reading

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A Challenge to Man Boobz’ Artists!

This is about a year old, and it made me LOL when I read it so here you go. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for the CHALLENGE! UPDATE: And scroll past the challenge to see … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Violent Librarianship

Over in the Man Boobz comments section, I have sometimes found it possible to commission artistry. During a discussion about whether or not women should have gotten the vote, I decided to try that tactic again. katz discovered a really … Continue reading

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Caspar, the unfriendly ghost, tries to start a rap war

Caspar’s original submission: It aint easy bein a dude in a world full of chicks You aint a man, Futrelle, you just a girl with a dick You’re the one with the man-boobs, cleavage a dark chasm Afraid to face … Continue reading

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