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From the people who brought you Violence in the Library…

Violence in the Library was a very popular romance novel, of the kind that is beloved by feeeeemales. It turns out that there’s a sequel, coming to the big screen very soon:   Movie poster courtesy of katz. You can … Continue reading

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Anyone still reading this thing?

Sorry, I haven’t really had the heart to be updating lately but this artistry simply needed to be documented. David wrote a post about some of the strange search terms that were leading people to his blog, and I sycophantically … Continue reading

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Interior desecration, now with kittens!

baileyrenee was inspired by a photo katz took of her foster kitten, Violet, and created this kitty wallpaper: Inspired perhaps by this image from the LILEKS Interior Desecration series, kittehserf created some ultimate kitty decor: These cats seem intrigued (or … Continue reading

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Pube Terror, and its many sequels (brought to you by Golden Retrievers)

One day, Diogenes the Cynic dropped in to share a little note from his boner: Oral is impossible on a woman who doesn’t trim well. lowquacks helpfully points out some other universal human experiences: It is impossible to kiss a … Continue reading

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Asher visits, causes artistry

We had a visitor, a dude named Asher, the other day over on a Man Boobz thread about gaming.  I believe that he left approximately 1,000 of the (currently) 1,130 comments on that post. While it’s a bit hard to … Continue reading

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I shall call him … Clyde

A dude named Clyde started spewing about straw feminism over on Man Boobz; you know, the kind of feminism that no one really encounters outside of the fevered imagination of MRAs. A sample: Only tangentially related, but in today’s feminist … Continue reading

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JohntheAngryOtter posters (many images & gifs in this post)

JohnTheOther (aka John Hembling — I am not doxxing him, he calls himself that on A Voice for Men these days) loses his shit with such regularity I am pretty sure he is on a high fiber diet. One person … Continue reading

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