The Official Illustrated We Hunted the Mammoth (formerly Man Boobz) Complimentary Welcome Package!

Welcome to We Hunted the Mammoth Man Boobz! If you’ve received this, you are either new or you have recently de-lurked. Yay!  If you’ve stumbled across this without de-lurking yet, please come back and introduce yourself. Suggested introductory salutation: “Hi, everyone. Shut up, Woody.” Woody is a particularly tedious MRA troll and Paul Elam fanboy, so saying this will definitely start you off on the right foot.) Some of the regulars have created a package to make you feel welcome, and to introduce you to the origins of some of the inside jokes & references you will see on We Hunted the Mammoth Man Boobz.


Newly illustrated by katz. Click on image for deviantART page.

It consists of an antique misandrist hard chair, matching bath towels, SCENTED MOTHERFUCKING CANDLES, flavored bottled water (your choice of brand and flavor) and cupcakes, delivered by female (whore) penguins in spanx! And a kitty! (Unless you’re a NiceCatPersonTM who has been unfairly furzoned.) Speaking of kitties, if you absolutely must visit some of the sites of the manosphere, I recommend filtering them through  A Voice for Men Misogynists looks particularly good this way.

BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, women wearing pants will bring about the end of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Cool, right? We need to work pants into this welcome package somehow. The penguins are already wearing Spanx… katz figured it out! We have to put the pants on the kitten!


Speaking MORE of kitties, if you’d like to make yourself a kitty avatar, here are the instructions.  (You can also do this with different pictures, but you are very encouraged to OBEY THE HIVEMIND AND BECOME A KITTY.) (It really seems to enrage misogynists, the time we spend on kitties here.)

To further assist you in making sense of the stories we tell here, we strongly encourage a quick perusal of NWO’s Big Book of Learnin’.  It is not for the faint of heart, for it is a glimpse into the mind of a former We Hunted the Mammoth Man Boobz Troll of the Year, one of the most-mockworthy misogynists who has ever existed.

UPDATE: Argenti has left a comment explaining how to format comments on WordPress, if you want to be able to do blockquotes, etc. Check it out down below, and reduce your odds of being gotten by the blockquote monster!

UPDATE #2: Dvärghundspossen has created another female “whore” penguin!

130827whorepenguin_by_dvarghundspossen-d6jz6q3You can see more art by mammotheers manboobzers, and contribute your own, at our deviantART page.

UPDATE #3: It’s a little hard to distill the hilariousness documented in this post by David, but Sarumangry has managed to bottle LIQUID GOLD. Listen to it. Memorize it. Make it your ringtone.

UPDATE #4: Please read this before breaking the first rule of holes! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already commented. Maybe you’ve lurked for a while, getting a feel for the We Hunted the Mammoth Man Boobz comment section, which is smart — we’re a pretty friendly bunch (with non-trolls, anyway), but we have a decidedly low tolerance threshold for some behaviors that are all too common outside the We Hunted the Mammoth Man Boobz utopia. In particular, ableism. (I hope it goes without saying that sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc. are also not at all okay). Specifically, calling MRAs/PUAs/garden-variety misogynists “crazy.” They aren’t crazy, they are morally- and ethically-challenged asshats. The TL/DR of the linked article is here:

Calling violent people “psychos” “sociopaths” “crazy” “insane” or any variation thereof is always ableist. It is harmful, it is factually inaccurate and based on deeply embedded ableist stereotyping and social beliefs about the mentally ill.

Avoiding the word “crazy” isn’t something we do because we’re the language police, or because we’re polite, or because we’re “sensitive” to the hurt feelings of those poor, poor people (who manage to deal with mental illness without harming other people, like other decent human beings). We do it because misogynists — whether or not they are mentally ill — are douchebags, and we’re not interested in making excuses for them, or in treating people with mental illness like we treat people who make poor ethical/moral choices. Misogynists deserve judgment & mockery; people with mental illness do not. It is harmful to people with mental illnesses to be compared to misogynists. You can find an interesting discussion of these issues on this thread.

Sometimes new commenters say “MRAs are crazy!”and get treated with patient explanations of why that’s the wrong way to view misogynists. But honestly, it’s been happening a lot recently, so commenters might not get a patient response, and shouldn’t expect one.  Think of it this way: You just harmed people we care about. When you do that, even unintentionally, you need to apologize.

Enough with the updates already!

In conclusion, especially from me, here is a spinning seal:


35 Responses to The Official Illustrated We Hunted the Mammoth (formerly Man Boobz) Complimentary Welcome Package!

  1. Argenti Aertheri says:

    This also warrants mention — NWO’s Big Book of Learnin’. It’ll explain everything from super dogs to how Spanish and Russian have the same alphabet (and is always good for a laugh)

  2. cloudiah says:

    Good idea — I’ve added it, but may tweak the wording a bit.

  3. kristinneedscats says:

    Who knew that kitties are misandry?!

  4. Argenti Aertheri says:

    Since formatting questions come up often enough that I made a quick guide, here it is:

    Manboobz notes

    <i>italics</i> or <em>emphasis</em> (the later plays nice with screen readers, afaik the former does not)
    <b>bold</b> or <strong>strong</strong> (ditto)

    Links go like this: <a href=””> the about page</a> — or just paste the link, it isn’t pretty, but it’s functional. (Or use or similar)

    Embedding is picky, use the http:// code, not https:// and put it on it’s own line. I skip a line to be sure, and it doesn’t seem to post multiple videos without a blank line between them. Eg:

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Blockquotes, despite the monster, are fairly simple:



  5. cloudiah says:

    I am SO embedding that in the post once I get to a real computer. Those penguins! Are those Vitamin Waters?

  6. katz says:

    Yes, Vitamin Water is my first association with flavored bottled water.

  7. cloudiah says:


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  9. Frank says:

    Yuk. Love Manboobz, despise this sort of unfunny inside-joking forced-merriment.

    That’s fine, I don’t have to read or participate in the comments. Just my vote for ‘cringeworthy’.

  10. cloudiah says:

    Well, at least you’ve figured out a way to feel superior to everyone.

  11. katz says:

    Yes, Cloudiah is constantly cracking the whip over us, forcing us to be merry. What a slave driver.

  12. Argenti Aertheri says:

    Entirely late to mention this, but copying my link example won’t work, WP changes the quotes, you’ll have to type the quote marks by hand cuz WP = weird.

  13. Chris Wilson says:

    Thanks for the welcome package. You’re right, Meowbify does improve the look of A Voice for Confused and Illogical Misogynists.

  14. katz says:

    Noobs: Avoid the blockquote monster, or this may happen to you!

  15. Oh god I think i need a hug and a cry.

  16. Also I think some reference to GGG is in order.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica popup bombed my browser looking him up.

  17. kittehserf says:

    katz says:
    November 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Noobs: Avoid the blockquote monster, or this may happen to you!

    Fame at last!

    But thanks to jefrir this need never happen again! Firefox has this text formatting toolbar add-on. Buttons for the win!

  18. Luzbelitx says:

    I just sort of de-lurked my way to this post.

    You people are awesome. I’m glad I found this community.

  19. katz says:

    We were considering placing all these items on a granite countertop.

  20. cloudiah says:

    To the person intending to comment as pinkfluffyunicrone, I am just not approving that comment so that your real name shouldn’t display anywhere. If there’s another place where you think it is displaying, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Or just in case you meant this to apply to your comments on We Hunted the Mammoth, I sent a message to David as well.

  21. tiko72 says:

    Being a lurker for ages I’ve seen this page before,however I had forgotten what a massive humongous munchball that cat is up there.

    And this place is great.

  22. Crap, can’t blockquote then.
    Reason? Only chrome goes around the internet block at work…and I
    am not supposed to be installing anything that wasn’t installed.
    …Can do it @ home once I get the computer fixed and stop using the hand-me-down iPad.

    (I’m a guard. Building is here, gates are shut, cameras are rolling, dead people in cooler still dead… job is jobbed. )

  23. Adi Doyle says:

    Sigh. I’m a noob. I posted my first comment without reading the guidelines first. I even stole this link from someone else’s welcome package, not realizing what was at stake. It did get posted -does this mean you really like me? Regarless, I dont feel it was my best work. Im sure I can do better. Should anyone feel bribery is in order to wipe the slate clean -I pay in pie. Off to work on the best kitty avatar ever!

  24. The Knitting Cinephile says:

    First of all, Hi, everyone! Shut up, Woody.

    I suppose you could consider me a misandrist of sorts because I like to stab balls with pointy sticks.

  25. Hi – is there any guide to comment formatting – and especially, how to reply to a comment?


  26. Ah – and while I’m on, it looks like commenting via twitter account doesn’t remember moderation status. Do I need to create a local account for that?

    Thanks again.

  27. I definitely thought I was actually going to get a complimentary candle in a welcome package. Like how my parents’ church gives out welcome packages with postcards and mints in them.

  28. Susan says:

    Huh? (Shut UP, Woody!)

  29. Hello! I’ve just decided to de-lurk. I’ve been reading this page for weeks now; I discovered the murky world of online misogyny when I liked a Facebook group called Women’s Rights News. I started off shocked at the trolling, then became mildly obsessed with calling out the trolls on their irrational and badly-written comments and then just felt too grubby to go on it again. This page is brilliant and does exactly what is needed with the sad types who post on MRA / PUA hate-sites. I also love the cats.

  30. sanitybroke says:

    First of all, Hi, everyone! Shut up, Woody.

    Anyways, I’m Lauren, been lurking for a few weeks or so, finally decided to make an account (even made the kitty avatar, because, i mean, really, who could resist?)

  31. Mels says:

    Popping in to provide a link to the kitty avatar maker, since the one in the original post is broken!

  32. amystika18n says:

    Hi, everyone. Shut up, Woody (if you’re even still here). I’m Nikki, and I recently discovered WHTM and instantly fell in love. For future reference, I’ll be commenting on WHTM as “Nikki the Bluth Wannabe”.

  33. amystika18n says:

    Also, in regards to flavored bottled water, I’d like grape Propel.

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