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Name change: becomes

The inimitable David K. Meller starts us out here:  Oh, c’mon manboobzers! At least female ones! Where would they get ideas of the p***y being a WMD? Just look at your posts on! For vicious, man-hating, vindictiveness, malice, and … Continue reading

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Poetry Inspired by Antz

Sadly, by which I mean opposite-of-sadly, we are no longer visited by Anthony Zarat, aka Antz, but he is still occasionally active over on Reddit and A Voice for Men.  You can see a typical example of his subdued and … Continue reading

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“You’re a dumbcluck,” the illustrated version

An MRA with the handle “El Rellok” proposes sending photos of bloody feathers to feminists as a … lesson, I guess? It’s a little confusing, even to other MRAs. We’re mocking it here. But as usual, I’m more concerned with … Continue reading

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What is it to be HU-man? (Text accompanied by freaked out kitties)

In response to a post about a PUA/Game practitioner who compares women over 25 to milk that’s gone off, a commenter named Energomash drops the following small brown pellet of “wisdom” in the Man Boobz comments thread: So what? He … Continue reading

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The Manosphere vs. the Scientific Method

The men of the manosphere like to think they’re all about science and STEM LOGIC, but in practice they seem to have very little understanding of the scientific method. They start with their desired conclusion, and then try to design … Continue reading

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Totally Typical MRA Life Story

Dvärghundspossen offers up a cautionary tale for men. I was raised to believe that women should be worshiped and that their every whim should be catered to. As a teenager I therefore spent millions of hours and dollars on driving … Continue reading

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A Peahen of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Man Boobz used to suffer from Ruby Hypatia, a terrible commenter who would talk about how terrible poor people were, how ugly naked men were, and more: The fairer sex is just a cultural idea?! LOL! Sure, and the peacock … Continue reading

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