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What is it to be HU-man? (Text accompanied by freaked out kitties)

In response to a post about a PUA/Game practitioner who compares women over 25 to milk that’s gone off, a commenter named Energomash drops the following small brown pellet of “wisdom” in the Man Boobz comments thread: So what? He … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Girls Getting All Up in Your Boy Stuff

Manboobzer Shaenon offers this helpful guide for dudes upset by LADIES getting involved in MEN’S stuff. Like, say, video games, comics, or the STEM fields. Denial “Girls can’t be scientists! Their brains are too small and pink! Plus they’d always … Continue reading

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Totally Typical MRA Life Story

Dvärghundspossen offers up a cautionary tale for men. I was raised to believe that women should be worshiped and that their every whim should be catered to. As a teenager I therefore spent millions of hours and dollars on driving … Continue reading

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Polliwog’s So You Want to Compare Something to Slavery

After Jessay (@Jessay) posted a YouTube video of misogynist & ignoramus Onision comparing alimony to slavery (while periodically pausing to brush his bangs out of his eyes), it was clear that something had to be done. So Polliwog did it! … Continue reading

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The Little Mermaid’s Gender-Neutral Pronouns 101

Longtime Man Boobz troll NWOSlave had a bit of a problem with gender-neutral pronouns, calling people who use them “zie creatures.” Polliwog offers some lyrical advice: You can use “zie”! You can use “zie”! Darling, remember It’s a third gender … Continue reading

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A Helpful Guide for Manboobz Trolls

Sorry so long since the last post, but I’ve been busy.  Here’s a blast from the (recent) past from Viscaria, whom we met briefly once before.  After long-time Man Boobz troll/vampire/extreme doll-lover David K. Meller tries to sockpuppet as Roger … Continue reading

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David pokes fun at a redditor named Gobhoblin on the Men’s Rights subreddit, who  thinks women function like the Borg Collective’s hive mind. An MRA named Elonine responds to Gobhoblin with some good advice: The best way to be attractive … Continue reading

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