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Typical Medieval Feminist Plaque

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, back in mid-May, so I thought I’d leave you all with one little gem from lowquacks. David took note of a pretty hilarious comment Mark Minter made on manospherian shitlord Roosh V’s blog, where he … Continue reading

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The Little Mermaid’s Gender-Neutral Pronouns 101

Longtime Man Boobz troll NWOSlave had a bit of a problem with gender-neutral pronouns, calling people who use them “zie creatures.” Polliwog offers some lyrical advice: You can use “zie”! You can use “zie”! Darling, remember It’s a third gender … Continue reading

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Awesomeness From a Non-Manboobzer

A bunch of manboobzers posted this video by animator/illustrator Scott Benson: The music is “Tiger Rag and Jubilee Stomp” by Duke Ellington, which you can find here. Benson also wrote a tumblr post that is very much worth reading, in … Continue reading

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Would you like some cake?

Commenting on a Man Boobz post about the Norwegian MRA Eivind Berge, NWOSlave was blathering on about how women’s sexuality is a resource, by which he probably meant something to be extracted, sold, and eventually depleted at great cost to … Continue reading

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Well, I never…

Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn defended his show’s tendency to portray women negatively by arguing that women “damage” men. After all, he said, “I never got my heart broken by a man.” Unassailable logic! Kyrie assails it! … Continue reading

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Man Boobz Testimonials

One of the things I love about Man Boobz is that there are so many manboobzers with esoteric hobbies and interests.  The conversations on threads can run pretty far afield. Some people hate it when we start talking about bra … Continue reading

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An Imprecation Against Trolls

Man Boobz has trolls, but also people who desperately rail against being called trolls, clinging fast to “official” “Internet” “definitions” of what a troll is to support their claim that they are NOT TROLLS. Fibinachi has the answer: If you … Continue reading

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In which I become a patron of the arts…

LBT created the lovely banner art for my blog.  LBT is also a very talented writer, and started Xenothon to give folks a chance to prompt and/or sponsor writings on the theme of The Other.  I was way too slow … Continue reading

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