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The Fabulous Dancing Goalposts of the MRM

There are tons more great posters for the poster revolution, but it’s been a long day and I am tired. I will post the rest here in the next few days; if you’re impatient, you can find them in the … Continue reading

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Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution (warning — lots of graphics) : part 1

NOTE: These posters are parodies of posters created by A Voice for Men. None have been endorsed by A Voice for Men. Devout followers of my blog — all 3 of you — will remember the last time that manboobzers … Continue reading

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How do you celebrate the holidays?

No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving — I’m talking about the internationally celebrated Make Up Shit About Futrelle Day. MUSAF Day is one of those holidays that can be enjoyed at any time, but its officially recognized date is January … Continue reading

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Worst episode of The Dating Game Ever

I can’t believe we’ve never featured lauralot here before! Always incisive and/or hilarious, lauralot describes the worst ever episode of The Dating Game: So we’ve got Troll Number One demanding apologies for pointing out that he was wrong, Troll Number … Continue reading

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Galt Going His Own Way (GGHOW)

This particular Man Boobz thread has already been featured on AfFaK once, but as it contained much jocularity I am mining it again. The First Joe, who lives on a boat, lectures us about the glories of Men Going Their … Continue reading

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