Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution: THE FINAL CONFLICT

NOTE: These posters are parodies of posters created by A Voice for Men. None have been endorsed by A Voice for Men.

There’s no actual conflict in this post, and somehow I doubt these will be the last manboobzer-created posters to blog about, so you should probably disregard the subtitle to this post. (In fact, I know that these won’t be the last posters to blog about, because I have another poster post to post about post-haste.) (I apologize for the previous sentence.)

But I just realized that I never finished herding together all the rest of the posters from this particular poster explosion, so here they are! Some of them, anyway; all I could get to on my lunch break on Friday.

WeeBoy makes his first poster, showing a fine grasp of color and typography:


Next it’s lauralot’s turn. Lauralot fears there’s an excess of coherency; I think it’s just right.


clairedammit arises from her sickbed with this masterpiece:


katz has a cautionary tale for the ladies.

4_katz_ladiesWe prevail on CassandraSays to JOIN US, JOIN US, and she does.

5_CassandraSays_frenchmaidGood use of white space, CassandraSays! I bet everyone thought this post was over.

Polliwog can neither work nor sleep until the poster-making is done.


The Stepford Knife comes along to play.


Tracy — who is an actual designer — puts everyone to shame!


katz makes a festive holiday contribution.


I, cloudiah, like the idea of celebrating the holidays with posters.


Want to know where the first clump of posters start (at least from this round of poster-creation)? They’re right here. Or you can see all the poster posts here.

p.s. to Ostara321: Your posters (from this comment and this one) have disappeared from photobucket.  Please leave a comment here if you still have them and want to include them here.

p.p.s. Ostara321 found a poster! Here it is!


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1 Response to Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution: THE FINAL CONFLICT

  1. Tracy says:

    Love them all, and love that you’ve collected them in one place 🙂

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