How do you celebrate the holidays?

This is NOT a MUSAF Day celebration. No unicorns.

No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving — I’m talking about the internationally celebrated Make Up Shit About Futrelle Day. MUSAF Day is one of those holidays that can be enjoyed at any time, but its officially recognized date is January 19.

Roscoe P. Coltrane kicked off the festivities for us in 2012.  After David made the common sense observation that

seriously inebriated people cannot consent to sex! If you have sex with someone who’s wasted (or unconscious), that is actually rape, and you may well find yourself the target of a real rape accusation – nothing false about it.

Subsequently, Roscoe decides to MUSAF, and boy does he MUSAF like a pro!  Immediately afterwards, Shadow and Holly Pervocracy address his points with reason and logic, but it is Dracula who realizes that Roscoe was really just celebrating the holiday.

Manboobzers are always up for a party! Here are some highlights of the celebration:

Holly Pervocracy

The Daily Mail supplied this photo of Futrelle’s hatching.

David Futrelle was not born. He was hatched.

And again

David Futrelle sleeps every night in a chamber filled with butterflies.

One more

David Futrelle doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he drinks the fermented blood of wild boars he hunts with his bear hands.

That’s not a typo. David Futrelle’s hands are bears.

David Futrelle’s bear hands.


David Futrelle likes his meat so rare, he only eats unicorns.

zhinxy redux

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains must be David Futrelle.


I wear Superman pajamas, Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas, and Chuck Norris wears David Futrelle pajamas.

“Where are my David Futrelle pajamas?”


David Futrelle’s favorite appetizer is a marmoset bruschetta.

Ami Angelwings

David Futrelle’s second favourite appetizer is MASS MURDER.

The Return of Ami Angelwings

David Futrelle is Jesus’ real father. That’s right. He cuckolded God.


David Futrelle removes the little tags from mattresses and uses them in unspeakable rituals.


INTERPOL surveillance photo of Futrelle


David Futrelle can fly, but chooses not to.

Oh wait, that one’s true.

* This might have been one of my first comments on Manboobz!

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2 Responses to How do you celebrate the holidays?

  1. kittehserf says:

    Belatedly saying I’m so glad you preserved this thread, cloudiah. It’s one of the funniest we’ve had on WHTM, and that’s saying something.

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