About (aka In Defense of Artistic Mockery)

Welcome to the first pro-mockery-of-misogyny artist activist network.  Within these pages you may find music, poetry, prose, graphics, cartoons and additional links, all of which are here to provide a cathartic release to people who are bombarded with misogyny-without-mockery in their daily lives.  We bring attention to and counter institutional, as well as social misogyny-without-mockery in Western society, and are highly critical of those who instigate and/or perpetuate fallacious bashing of anti-misogyny mockers.
I don’t actually write like this. I am mocking the writing — and the misogyny — of the Artistry Against Misandry web site. The real point of this blog is to document the often hilarious creativity of the commentariat of David Futrelle’s Man Boobz blog.
UPDATE: As of December 11, 2012, the Artistry Against Misandry web site is down, and the domain is available for purchase. This makes me sad, as that place was always good for a chortle. Why can’t MRAs do things that take commitment, like paying for domain names?] Luckily, it has been archived.
Every new commenter is automatically moderated. This is because the comments section of this blog is like my living room. You don’t have a right to enter my living room; you don’t have a right to comment on my blog. I have zero tolerance for trolling, JAQ-ing off, bigotry, or asshattery. If you engage in any of that, I will not approve your comment and/or ban you. Alternately, I may approve your comment in edited form, or for the purpose of mocking you. If I don’t recognize you from Manboobz, I may email you to ask you how you found us and why you’re here before deciding whether or not to approve your comment.
Here is my opinion about your “right” to FREEZE PEACH on my blog, as illustrated by devtesla:
If you would like to be a contributor to this site, please create something amusing on Man Boobz or Man Boobz Forum, and prepare to be published here.  Otherwise, enjoy your stay and please check back often as this is a steadily growing network!
I will credit all creators I publish here.  Please let me know if you want your creation taken down; I will honor all such requests.

1 Response to About (aka In Defense of Artistic Mockery)

  1. anti-anti-manboobz says:

    Anti-Anti-Manboobz approves of this blog.

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