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Don’t Forget to Hate Women!

David covers a tirade by his Spearheader near namesake, Davd, about how school buses are a tool of the matriarchy because they have all these terrible safety features that “baby” children, like flashing lights and STOP signs. thebionicmommy spots a … Continue reading

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Graphing, Marketing, and Herbling

In a post ridiculing a guest writer (Samseau) on Roosh’s blog, David notes the dude’s terrible graph which “documents” the least and most important issues facing men in the 21st century. Least important issue?  Race. Most important issue?  Getting laid. … Continue reading

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We Hunted the Cheetos for You

There is a lot of artistry in this post, starting with the lovely Golden Uterus* that greets David’s loyal readers. It’s worth reading the whole post, but for today I’m just going to focus on one of the MRAs that … Continue reading

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