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It’s a “human rights” movement, alright…

MRAs are fond of viewing the relationship between men and women as a protection racket — as Cliff of Pervocracy used to say, “That’s a nice gender you’ve got there. Shame if something … happened to it.” Laddition illustrates that … Continue reading

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Paul Elam interviews a prospective editor (UPDATED)

Like many of the bright lights in the manosphere, Paul Elam has an inflated idea about the quality of his writing — no doubt boosted by the adulation from commenters on A Voice for Men. Here’s a sampler of comments … Continue reading

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What is Register-Her?

Register-Her is a Fake “Offenders Registry” Run By Misogynists, Designed to Vilify and Intimidate Women What do we think of Register-Her, Paul Elam, and A Voice for Men? (Thanks to timetravellingfool for finding the perfect .gif.) UPDATE: If you want to … Continue reading

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