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I shall call him … Clyde

A dude named Clyde started spewing about straw feminism over on Man Boobz; you know, the kind of feminism that no one really encounters outside of the fevered imagination of MRAs. A sample: Only tangentially related, but in today’s feminist … Continue reading

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We Hunted the Cheetos for You

There is a lot of artistry in this post, starting with the lovely Golden Uterus* that greets David’s loyal readers. It’s worth reading the whole post, but for today I’m just going to focus on one of the MRAs that … Continue reading

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What is Register-Her?

Register-Her is a Fake “Offenders Registry” Run By Misogynists, Designed to Vilify and Intimidate Women What do we think of Register-Her, Paul Elam, and A Voice for Men? (Thanks to timetravellingfool for finding the perfect .gif.) UPDATE: If you want to … Continue reading

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