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MRA History Lesson, part 4: Boudicca

As part of our ongoing series An MRA History of the World, I am pleased to present a chapter written by hippodameia8527 about an evil Celtic queen who helped lead an uprising against the manly Roman Empire. An MRA’s History of … Continue reading

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The Five Stages of Girls Getting All Up in Your Boy Stuff

Manboobzer Shaenon offers this helpful guide for dudes upset by LADIES getting involved in MEN’S stuff. Like, say, video games, comics, or the STEM fields. Denial “Girls can’t be scientists! Their brains are too small and pink! Plus they’d always … Continue reading

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Asher visits, causes artistry

We had a visitor, a dude named Asher, the other day over on a Man Boobz thread about gaming.  I believe that he left approximately 1,000 of the (currently) 1,130 comments on that post. While it’s a bit hard to … Continue reading

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There’s a reason they call it “Game”

Manboobzer Alice notices that the RooshV Forum has linked to a Man Boobz post, and shares one of the comments she found there: “I’m futilely trying to imagine the rage of these white knights when they realize the Roosh board … Continue reading

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MRA History Lesson, part 3: Judas Iscariot

This is a short chapter in the MRA history of the world, but it’s a good one! CassandraSays tackles biblical history and the story of Judas Iscariot. Judas betrayed Jesus because that bitch Mary Magdalene friendzoned him and hooked up … Continue reading

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The Manosphere vs. the Scientific Method

The men of the manosphere like to think they’re all about science and STEM LOGIC, but in practice they seem to have very little understanding of the scientific method. They start with their desired conclusion, and then try to design … Continue reading

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Totally Typical MRA Life Story

Dvärghundspossen offers up a cautionary tale for men. I was raised to believe that women should be worshiped and that their every whim should be catered to. As a teenager I therefore spent millions of hours and dollars on driving … Continue reading

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MRA History Lesson, part 2: Pre-Prehistory

Shiraz offers up our next installment of MRA history: …I keep thinking about how all the meteorites that wiped out the dinosaurs was somehow the fault of the female dinos. See, the females were such cockteasers, the male dinosaurs were … Continue reading

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