Ask and ye shall receive … artistry!

I was foofling around on Reddit (I spend way too much time on /r/aww) and I found a post about this beautiful 16-year-old cat.  Just a few replies in, a helful redditor had cropped the photo to emphasize the angry disdain so familiar to those of use who serve our feline overlords. When a cat gets angry at their human, there are … consequences.

The idea of cat anger consequences was first raised by manboobzer WonderWoman, in connection with a scenario in which a woman arrived home later than her cat would have desired. (Yes, cats do set curfews for their humans.) Here was her punishment:

He got between the duvet and the duvet cover and attacked my feet from there when I was falling asleep, knowing full well that there was no way for me to kick him out of bed while he was in there.

Note: Feline punishment, while certain, is not always swift. They often wait months, lulling you into a false sense of security, before they strike.

After seeing the Reddit cat, I knew I could not rest until it was turned into a cat anger consequences meme, so I begged kittehserf (who is LITERALLY an agricultural laborer bound under the feudal system to work on her cat’s estate) to create one for me.  And viola!  Here ’tis.


What sort of behavior can provoke cat anger consequences?  In addition to the aforementioned sin of returning home past cat-curfew, there’s food (not enough, not often enough, not the right kind, not the food on your plate because you’re too selfish to share), litterbox (wrong litter, not cleaned enough), petting (not enough, too much, on the belly, not on the belly), and many other things. Consult your cat — although actually, your cat will probably just stare at you. See above.

Here’s something else that almost definitely produced cat anger consequences:


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4 Responses to Ask and ye shall receive … artistry!

  1. kittehserf says:

    That dog is SO going to regret that … maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but zie WILL regret it.

    I am so pleased to have contributed to the welfare of our feline overlords.


    ::tugs forelock::

  2. cloudiah says:

    I am sure you will be amply rewarded.

  3. kittehserf says:

    There was a full litter bin waiting when I got home, if that counts …

  4. maggiesausage says:

    I am simultaneously terrified by the death-stare and transfixed by those gorgeous eyes. That’s kitties for ya! (eek)

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