Typical Medieval Feminist Plaque

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, back in mid-May, so I thought I’d leave you all with one little gem from lowquacks.

David took note of a pretty hilarious comment Mark Minter made on manospherian shitlord Roosh V’s blog, where he talked about returning to the US and spending his time either at home on the internet, or going to the market in the middle of the night. Dude knows how to party! Anyway, we of course had fun mocking him.

So then Minter dropped a 2,500-word turdbomb of a comment — on the wrong thread — daring David to “publish” it. Which of course he did, because HILARIOUS.

A couple of people noticed what seemed to be a typo in a sentence about Western Europe:

The plaque killed 25-30% in the 1300s.


You know when you were a kid and your mom would tell you to brush your teeth? She wasn’t nagging you, she was just worried that the plaque might kill you, like it killed 25-30% of Europeans in ye olde days. Poor dental hygiene is the greatest health threat mankind has ever known.


The Black Plaque!

The Great Plaque of London!

Plaque-bearing rats! (Well no wonder, you ever tried brushing a rat’s teeth?)

But lowquacks set us right:

Guys, guys, let’s not be silly here. Minty was obviously referring to deaths which happened to people standing under poorly-fastened heavy plaques – architecture and safety regulations weren’t what they are today.

CassandraSays agrees, and notices the feminist role in these deaths:

Feminists hang plaques for the express purpose of killing men foolish enough to stand under one because some privileged princess asks them to. And then we steal their toothbrushes, just in case the first kind of plaque isn’t deadly enough.

lowquacks provides even more evidence, in the form of an actual Medieval feminist plaque!

A typical Medieval feminist plaque. These killed over a quarter of the population in some areas, because women can’t use tools properly.


Transcription, for those who have a hard time with Fraktur:

Here Lieth Menne’s Dignitee

Unknowne – A.D. 1246

SLAIN on the Pike of Feminisme


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3 Responses to Typical Medieval Feminist Plaque

  1. katz says:

    I remember the Wireless catalog having a plaque that said “regular brushing could have prevented this plaque.” Sadly, they don’t seem to have it anymore.

    Anyway I hope you are having fun on vacation and I thought I’d drop a link to these stories by Kirby, lest you miss them upon your return.

  2. cloudiah says:

    Oooh, thank you for highlighting these for me! Did all the kitties get adopted?

  3. katz says:

    Three of them so far 🙂

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