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Polliwog’s So You Want to Compare Something to Slavery

After Jessay (@Jessay) posted a YouTube video of misogynist & ignoramus Onision comparing alimony to slavery (while periodically pausing to brush his bangs out of his eyes), it was clear that something had to be done. So Polliwog did it! … Continue reading

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The Origins of Burro Misandry

When David wrote a post about the pressing issue of burro misandry, of course the first question on the feminist hivemind was “What are the historic origins of this oppressive system?” Luckily, Tulgey Logger was there to explain it to … Continue reading

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Nasal Victory!

A MRA named Mark Jones claimed he could “smell the fear in the hearts of manboobers [sic] as the mainstream media gives more and more attention to MRAs and paints feminists as a bunch of shrill unhinged lunatics.” Luckily, Fibinachi … Continue reading

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