There’s a reason they call it “Game”

Manboobzer Alice notices that the RooshV Forum has linked to a Man Boobz post, and shares one of the comments she found there:

“I’m futilely trying to imagine the rage of these white knights when they realize the Roosh board slays far more pussy than they could even fathom. Life really does [have] a vicious sense of humor.”

This is the face I make when I hear anyone talk about slaying pussy

This is the face I make when I hear anyone talk about slaying pussy

Myoo compares PUA to role-playing games:

I am more and more convinced that PUA is just a weird role-playing game for them (no offense intended for other roleplayers):

-Weird outfits, check (peacocking);

-Impenetrable jargon, check (kino escalate, closing, HB, etc.);

-Different skills and abilities, check (negs, peacocking, kino escalation, etc.);

-Different classes and ranks (Average Frustrated Chump, Green Pick Up Artist (GPUA), master Pick Up Artist (mPUA), Grand Master PUA (gmPUA), Beta Boy Friend (BBF), Alpha Female of Group (AFOG)) (I kid you not, these are all actual PUA terms);

-An obsession with acronyms, check (see previous point);

-An obsession with numbers and stats, check (HB10, number of approaches/successes/rejections, etc.);

-Obstacles and dungeons to be overcome, check (women, pretty much);

-Loot to obtain, check (phone numbers and various forms of intimate and/or sexual acts);

-Bragging about the loot they got, check check check;

And all of this done without the women’s consent. At best its baffling (“Ho, maiden, thine Charisma is surprisingly high for a half-orc.”) and at worst is very dangerous, because they see it as a game and will do anything to “win”.


Never fear! Alice has the solution:

Well, it looks like the RooshVGang has linked to us, in return. So let’s keep linking back and forth until a wormhole is created.

The only problem is that sometimes the entrance to the wormhole can be a bit tight:


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1 Response to There’s a reason they call it “Game”

  1. bookdragonette says:

    So PUA’s are the LARPERS even LARPERS laugh at? I can see that.

    (No offence to LARPERS intended.)

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