MRA History Lesson, part 4: Boudicca

As part of our ongoing series An MRA History of the World, I am pleased to present a chapter written by hippodameia8527 about an evil Celtic queen who helped lead an uprising against the manly Roman Empire.

An MRA’s History of Boudica

When her husband the king died and left all his land to the Romans, Boudica got all uppity and tried to claim that the land was hers because of some matrilineal inheritance shit. The Romans had to go put her in her place, but when they did she false-accused them and made all the mangina men in her tribe fight to defend her “honor.” They all died, but she and her entitled princess leech daughters got away and went to eat bon-bons in Scotland.

You can find the rest of the history lessons here. The Artistry for Feminism. And Kittens MOOC (massive open online course) is free, since like everything else related to feminism it is subsidized by an equally massive wealth transfer of men’s taxes to women’s chic little pocketbooks. Thanks, Big Daddy Government! Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Misandry!


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