The Manosphere vs. the Scientific Method

The men of the manosphere like to think they’re all about science and STEM LOGIC, but in practice they seem to have very little understanding of the scientific method. They start with their desired conclusion, and then try to design experiments or manipulate data in order to get the results they want.


Alive! Confirmation bias is alive! It’s alive!

Recently, Cthulhu’s Intern imagined what it would be like to encounter these dudes in a laboratory.

So what would it be like if they tried to do statistics/any kind of science at all?

Generic Psychology Lab:

Head Psychologist: You’ve got an experiment to propose? Well, tell me what it is and I’ll decide whether to fund it.
[Pickup Guru] Roosh: No, no. You don’t need to fund it. I’ve already proven it! It’s that women are dumber!

Head Psychologist: That’s your hypothesis?

Roosh: No! Those are the results!

Head Psychologist: So wait, you already did the experiment? What were your methods?

Roosh: Look at this news article! A woman did something stupid!

Head Psychologist: Is that all you have? So your sample size is 1?

Roosh: Eh, I can find more if you need me to.

Head Psychologist: And have you performed any psychological evaluation on this subject and analyzed the conditions of her environment to determine whether the cause may be something else? And are you going to do the same thing to the rest of those women that you find to determine if there’s any other possible correlation?

Roosh: No. I’ve never even met them.

Head Psychologist: Furthermore, where’s the control group?

Roosh: The what?

Head Psychologist: Have you put a group of men in the exact same situation to see if they do something different?

Roosh: No. Why would I do that?

Head Psychologist: *sigh* Where did you get your degree?

Roosh: What, a university? Why would I go to one of those misandric places? You know what, I don’t really need you.

Roosh sends his paper to a peer review journal.

I've got something to prove.

I’ve got something to prove.

A different psychologist uses the same method.

Other paper: “Results: Found woman doing something smart. Conclusion: Women are smarter than men.”

NOTE: This would also be bad science.

NOTE: This would also be bad science.

Seriously, this is like concluding that all movies feature big green things voiced by Mike Myers because the only movie you watched was Shrek.

Thanks, Cthulhu’s Intern!



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