MRA History Lesson, part 2: Pre-Prehistory


It’s always about the girls. WHAT ABOUT THE MENZ??!!!?!??!

Shiraz offers up our next installment of MRA history:

…I keep thinking about how all the meteorites that wiped out the dinosaurs was somehow the fault of the female dinos. See, the females were such cockteasers, the male dinosaurs were distracted — because they were forced into thinking about teh sex so much. That’s why the male dinosaurs did not take shelter or try to construct crude protection from the natural disaster with their snouts and claws. I mean, it’s not like the female dinosaurs could have done anything about it, because females aren’t natural leaders — no matter which species you happen to be talking about. And even still, the only surviving dino is descended from a evil bitch plesiosaur who survived extinction from hiding behind male plesiosaurs. This dinosaur is known as Nessie and lives in Loch Ness.

NOW has ordered me to spermjack you!!!

NOW has ordered me to spermjack you!!!

This reminds me of an earlier MRA/dinosaur comment prompted by becausescience:

Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago. Mra’s decide feminism is somehow responsible. How? Go!

I did my best to answer:

Dinosaurs, that’s a difficult one…

Here goes: Most dinosaurs weren’t very smart, but one was. He was very smart. Unfortunately (for the rest of the dinosaurs), he was also a beta dinogina. He realized that in the future, the planet would be ruled by humans. And that half of those humans would be females. And females are interchangeable with feminists, when MRAs need them to be anyway. And those females would need things, like iPhones and makeup and push up bras and cushions and scented fucking candles. Those females would need those things to satisfy the wants and desires created by the “You go, grrrl” society created by feminists like Oprah Winfrey and whoever runs Cosmo. And the manufacture of those things would require lots and lots of fossil fuels. And fossil fuels would require … fossils. So he made up a story about a big asteroid that was about to crash into the earth, dooming them all, and convinced them the best thing they could do was drown themselves in swamps. And so all the dinosaurs, even the females, killed themselves. For feminism.

Feminism kills. PROOF!

Find the rest of the history lessons here.



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One Response to MRA History Lesson, part 2: Pre-Prehistory

  1. wordsp1nner says:

    That is the best cat GIF ever!

    I’m proud that feminism brought it about!

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