The Trouble with Cuddlebots

In an older thread about how MGTOWers need more cuddles, David K. Meller offers his 2 cents:

It is sadly telling about the times in which we live how some, perhaps many, men are already beginning–long before the available technology becomes available in prototype, much less affordable, to talk about sexual–and eventually emotional and spiritual –contact with robots, cyborgs, or androids (“gynoids?”) over what is available to us with modern women. It is a sad commentary of how HATEFUL most modern women are–argumentative, bitter, domineering, obtuse, over-educated, pushy, vulgar, and just plain loathsome–that some men (small numbers today, more and more as feminists continue to pollute relations between the sexes) are seeking such alternatives, even if the likelihood of success in our lifetime is questionable.

Cuddlebot is here — now it’s a party!

Another alternative, also far beyond today’s foreseeable technology, would, of course, be breeding strains of more agreeable, domestic, playful, and charming women. This may take even longer than the development of robotic technologies, and unfortunately poses unavoidable additional risk to the entire human genome, which makes it a project to be undertaken only in the direst emergency; if perhaps cyberwives turn out to be impractical or unaffordable for most men who need them!

Say what you will about Meller, at least he provides us with multiple alternatives!

Back to the gynoids…  Sharculese provides a script for the movie documenting this technological breakthrough:

dkm, the funny part is where you’ve seriously considered the possibility of this happening.

Feminist scientist caught in the act of installing the hatred chip.

scientist 1: great we’ve finally finished building a robot that can show affection. were going to make billions.

scientist 2: before we turn it on, install this chip i designed that will teach it the meaning of hate

scientist 1: why does a cuddlebot need to hate?

scientist 2: because i’m a feminist.

scientist 1: this is a robot it has nothing to do with feminism.

scientist 2: feminism is about teaching robots to hate. it’s in the manual.

scientist 1: but-

scientist 2: you can’t disagree with feminism; that’s a federal offense.

scientist 1: *sigh* will the robot still be able to cuddle?

scientist 2: until it leaves you and takes all your money, yes.

scientist 1: that happens after we get paid, right?

scientist 2: of course. what kind of feminist do you think i am?

I can only hope the MRM never finds out how true-to-life this script is.  Would you like another cuddly robot?  Here you go:

“Beep boop beep. Now dispensing hugs. Beep boop beep.”

But I’m afraid this gynoid has arrived from the future to go after Meller:

“You’re terminated, Meller.”

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