Ami on Twitter (illustrated)

Ami Angelwings (ami_angelwings) is making a repeat appearance here, so that I can document her hilarious smackdowns of sexist hashtags on Twitter.

Today’s sexist hashtag is #WhyDoFemales, and here are Ami’s responses to tweets using it.

My nails are made of adamantium. Of course I’m proud of them. RT @Krazykish14 #WhyDoFemales posts photos of their nails?

Adamantium Nails

Wouldn’t you be proud of these?

Powered armor is hard to get into. RT @EvanOrdog #WhyDoFemales take too long to dress up? πŸ™‚

Powered Armor

Wait. Now I need to pee

I agree! Let’s make some sci fi for once! πŸ˜€ RT @Frankie_LND #WhyDoFemales make dramas out of everything

Yes, it is odd to take something personal, personal. RT @disdickdotcom #WhyDoFemales TAKE GETTIN CHEATED ON SO PERSONAL

Broken Heart Robot

I am a broken-hearted robot

Would you rather us put makeup on private vehicles? That would be vandalism. RT @Yaa_01 #WhyDoFemales put their makeup on public transport

Lipstick on a Car

It’s okay if you do this to your own car

I hate to break it to you, but not all of life’s problems can be solved w/ a stovetop. RT @djmarkylee #WhyDoFemales get out of the kitchen ?

My stovetop comes with a reputation

I anticipated that. RT @CoreyMiller0 #WhyDoFemales try to think ahead of time

Who wouldn’t want to have Nightwing on their side? RT @EPHmakeherRAINE #WhyDoFemales think that having a Dick will make their life easier…

It’s the seal DNA. RT @IsingMedley #WhyDoFemales like to clap when they get mad?

We clap when we’re happy. We clap when we’re sad. But we clap the hardest when we’re mad.

THIS IS THE WORST HASHTAG EVER! SO UNFAIR! RT @ELVIRASCIGS #WhyDoFemales think to much and make situations bigger so then we get depressed

I hear that we believe everything we hear. RT @ExHael_BullShit #WhyDoFemales. Believe everything they hear!

There are packs of wild Pokemon roaming our bathrooms. Need to stay together. RT @Dr_Prez #whydofemales go to the bathroom together

Wild, slavering Pokemon.

If it helps. I don’t think you’re my equal. RT @Aledinho_88 #whydofemales think they are equal to males #mistaken #getbackinthekitchen

So we can’t be IDed after the murder. RT @MachineGunGio #WhyDoFemales put too much make up on

Good luck picking her out of a lineup.

awww *hugs* there there πŸ™‚ RT @EPHmakeherRAINE #WhyDoFemales think guys don’t care and don’t have feelings. .

Judging by these other tweets, I thought we complained about girls. @CautiousChary #WhyDoFemales complain about guys so much, it’s annoying. RT @azzabooth #WhyDoFemales attempted to be the hardest species to understand in the world?

We’ve already conquered the spirit world. RT @BayQTwitAbooty #WhyDoFemales act like material shit is the end,all b all

We own the spirit world.

That doesn’t appear to be a question. RT @Clinty_ #WhyDoFemales this back fat is acceptable wtf, get up go out and run.

Mmmmm your tweet is soooo goooddd…. ohhhhh…. mmmm RT @YoungK_Bagz #whydofemales love to fucking moan so much

Satan given talents are better. @IsingMedley #WhyDoFemales tend to hate on other females when their God given talents are better than hers?

Satan is very generous to females.

Rutabaga. RT @lilkaygee93 #whydofemales say the same thing to everyone they with

Yes, it is unfair to think an entire gender is a single hivemind. RT @_jadenetherway #WhyDoFemales think every guy is the same?

Woman brains. How do they work?

It’s good for the skin. RT @EPHmakeherRAINE #WhyDoFemales like to fall asleep on the phone

Even cat females know this is true.

I impress myself every day. I don’t need an audience. RT @ANISNRN #WhyDoFemales always impress themself infront of boys?

You think owning a fleet of star destroyers is unrealistic? RT @ZonaSchultz #WhyDoFemales constantly dream about unrealistic fantasies?

Galactic power is within our grasp.

It’s more fun than asking them. RT @Chiko_Suave #WhyDoFemales act stupid questions sometimes?

This was a particularly complicated question to act.

); RT @SmokiN_ReasonS #WhyDoFemales send the winky face if they not down to fucc?

Y U lead men on?

I HATE YOU! YOUR TWEET IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINE! ITS NOT FAIR! RT @JaiBlizz #NotBeingRudeBut #WhyDoFemales get so jealous over nothing?

Doesn’t that actually make SENSE? RT @SmokiN_ReasonS #WhyDoFemales spend hundreds of dollars on club clothes just to hop in the FREE line?

Smartest observation ever. RT @___SimplyALEX #WhyDoFemales always say one thing but mean the complete opposite..

That took brainpower.

It’s a 300 lb cyborg baby with rocket launchers for hands. RT @R1bikePredator #WhyDoFemales think a baby will keep him ?

Cyborg babies: an early prototype.

Because using mutant piranhas as an excuse is weird. RT @JARRETT #WhyDoFemales Use liquor as an excuse to be a hoe?

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Then complain RT @Lootune #WhyDoFemales choose a thug over a good guy then complain when they get hurt?

ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS THREE ^_^ :3 πŸ˜€ RT @IdolizeMAYA #WhyDoFemales think its cute to be LOUD and IGNORANT? Its not. -_-


Hating the same females gets boring after a while. RT @JoeSantagato #WhyDoFemales hate other females?

Hate. Spread it around.

We need their souls to complete the ritual. RT @TheOmniscient #WhyDoFemales like guys that don’t give a f*ck about them?

Alpha asshole souls are the most potent.

Says u. I lost a hand last time RT @MiKa_Frye11 #WhyDoFemales complain about guys asking them to make a sandwich? I mean its not that hard??

B/c only males can truly know anything RT @SupremeJetLife #WhyDoFemales need a man to tell them they’re beautiful to know they’re beautiful?

It’s actually the key to building a giant robot, that’s why. RT @itsChuckie #WhyDoFemales fight for something that isn’t worth it.

I’ll have to ask the hivemind RT @TheJPro #WhyDoFemales Settle for being an option when they can be someone’s priority

I agree. Where’s my mecha dragon? RT @RarePosts #WhyDoFemales go back to the same guy that keep on hurting them? You deserve better.

Touching him is lethal.

Magnets. RT @ItsLifeNotes #WhyDoFemales run from the guys who try to make them happy, and fight for the ones that make them cry?

Because being seen as a gardening tool is weird. RT @Travious_J #WhyDoFemales dress like hoes then get mad when they get approached like one

Stupid hoe.

Squirrels. RT @PraiseIamWorthy #WhyDoFemales Feel They Have to Lie About Not Giving Head ?

To get to the other side RT @SkylarDiFilippo #WhyDoFemales Always fall for the bad guys and friend zone the good guys?

You have us mistaken for emo asteroids RT @TheRealRarePost #WhyDoFemales fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily, & care too much?

Emo asteroids are piles of rubble held together loosely by mascara, black nail polish, and bangs.

Sorry your princess is in another castle. RT @RobertoBThyName #WhyDoFemales settle for less than they deserve. You’re a princess.

Here endeth the tweets. Ami is brilliant.


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2 Responses to Ami on Twitter (illustrated)

  1. Awww! Those were awesome picture finds! So apt! πŸ˜€ And I love your captions beneath them!

  2. darksidecat says:

    That’s a right triangle, not acute one.

    -bad puns, that’s what I’m here for.

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