Worst episode of The Dating Game Ever

I can’t believe we’ve never featured lauralot here before! Always incisive and/or hilarious, lauralot describes the worst ever episode of The Dating Game:

So we’ve got Troll Number One demanding apologies for pointing out that he was wrong, Troll Number Two telling us vaginas are meat jars, and Troll Number Three explaining with far too many exclamation points how our end is nigh.

God, this would be the worst episode of The Dating Game since the one with the serial killer.

I have to ask… Would you have sex with this?

I’m a jar of meat, and I am attracted to you.

Seriously, you should not ever have sex with meat jars, no matter how attracted you are to them — because RABBITS:

BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not have sex with bunnies.


Oh, and that thing lauralot said about serial killers on The Dating Game? Not made up.

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