Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution (warning — lots of graphics) : part 1

NOTE: These posters are parodies of posters created by A Voice for Men. None have been endorsed by A Voice for Men.

Devout followers of my blog — all 3 of you — will remember the last time that manboobzers decided to pitch in and help the Men’s Rights Movement by making posters that, while terrible, were still better than theirs.

Let me quickly summarize some principles of good graphic design* for posters.

Well-designed posters should:

  1. attract attention
  2. be read and understood quickly and easily

* I know nothing about good graphic design principles. I pulled these principles out of my posterior.

I think MRAs must be listening, because nothing attracts attention like sexy cupcakes! But I am not sure they quite understand the 2nd point. David summarizes the issue here.

This [sexy cupcake poster] is an actual poster that some MRAs think will actually win people over to their cause.  How, I’m not exactly sure. What exactly about a cupcake with a tiara is supposed to scream “men’s rights”  to random pedestrians who might catch a glimpse of this poster wheatpasted to a hoarding while on their way to work?

And then he issues a challenge:

Man Boobzers, can you do better?

I’m pretty sure we can. If by “do better” you mean create posters that are fractally more ridiculous than these.

Bagelsan starts us off:

Oh, you have issues. Lots and lots of issues.

I did a few posters of my own, mostly hoping to prime the pump and get other manboobzers going:

Inspired by the title of an AVfM post. Maybe “inspired” isn’t quite the right word…

Another “headline” from AVfM, transformed by fine art.

With my last of this batch, I was pretty sure I had designed a poster sillier than the most diehard MRA could ever hope to create.

A man needs a woman like a manatee needs a corncob pipe & a unicycle & … manatees actually seem pretty happy without any of that shit. MGTOW (Manatees Going Their Own Way).

katz thinks I am wrong about MRAs not matching me in ridiculousness.

Tulgey Logger makes a few fine contributions:

She’s a sexy witch, AND a Nazi. Forget it, men. It’s Manboobztown.

In which women AND cupcakes reveal their true natures…

Noting that “the MRM tends towards just dumping an entire blog post onto a piece of paper and calling it a poster” katz joins in!

freitag235 makes a quickmeme!

I do a few more:

Furbies are totally supporting the MRM in emails.

We’ve had Nazis, now we need a little bit of Solanas.

Tulgey’s back with 3 more!

I have never been so frightened of a cupcake.

If I had a shock collar around my neck, I’d be begging someone to shock me into unconsciousness so that I didn’t have to read any more.

Moody. Evocative. Like a perfume commercial, with an extra helping of mah penis.

Okay, I wanted to publish something today — there are a bunch more posters, and they are wonderful, so I will do a part 2 with the later arrivals tomorrow!

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  2. cloudiah says:

    Your poster will be up in part 2!

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