It’s been a pretty terrible day, but let’s not talk about that right now. Sometimes you need something as a restorative, and humor works for me.  MRAs are awful, but they are also ridiculous — this is why we mock them at Man Boobz. So when an AVfM commenter responded to their overblown rants about young women in Toronto making stupid jokes on Twitter by panicking about upcoming travel to Canada, I made fun of his paranoia by imagining his panicky call to the Canadian Consulate.

David posted about the whole thing. But I was a little bit sad, because I had hoped someone would illustrate the story.  MY DREAMS HAVE NOW COME TRUE. (I have weird dreams.)  THANK YOU KATZ.


Please note these important details:

  • the cuteness of Pierre
  • the panicked MRA dad’s FTSU mug
  • Pierre’s maple leaf mug
  • the panicked MRA dad’s Romney refrigerator magnet
  • Pierre’s moose calendar
  • the panicked MRA dad’s “no cupcakes” t-shirt
  • the change in Pierre’s facial expression from first panel to last
  • the panicked MRA dad’s “Male and Proud” leaflet on his refrigerator

UPDATE: Pierre now has his own webcomic. Check out the 2nd installment, Grandchildren Strike, right here.

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  1. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help says:

    I loved your script and Katz’s cartoon is brilliant! I noted the cuteness of Pierre, his expression changes and the mug. Failed on the fridge stickers and tee shirt. Oh and noted the cuteness of Pierre again. 😛

  2. katz says:

    The mug is an actual thing you can buy at the AVfM store (albeit in white on black).

    The model train on the counter was inspired by Judgybitch’s post about filling your house with cars and trains and things.

  3. lowquacks says:

    I read the poster as “MR and proud”, as in “Men’s Rights” as well as “adult dude”.

  4. Tulgey Logger says:

    Brilliant! Also, as a Texan I can confirm that that is exactly how Canadians are, with the Moose posters and everything.

  5. clairedammit says:

    Brilliant! I noticed that the dad also has a sink full of dirty dishes.

  6. BigKitty says:

    Thanks, that was awesome!

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