We’re SO much better at this than they are…

NOTE: None of these posters is actually produced or sponsored by A Voice for Men. But since AVfM & their head spittle-producer Paul Elam have no problem with posters using the logos of other organizations against their wishes, it seems very STEM logical that they wouldn’t mind people using their logo against their wishes. I mean, honestly, anything else would be the worst kind of hypocrisy!

Onwards! This post is going to combine artistry from two separate worlds: manboobz.com and /r/againstmensrights. This combination might actually bring the world to an end, and if it does — well, what can I say? Sorry seems inadequate.

But life’s about taking risks!

And this time, I think Paul Elam and his band of minions are kicking themselves in the face.

GIF_StopKickingMe(Oh, if only they were this adorable about it, right?)

MRAs have an overly dramatic reaction to the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign, which encourages men, who are mostly decent, to not be like the minority of men who rape women. Seriously, if feminists actually thought all men were rapists, the slogan wouldn’t be “Don’t Be That Guy” — it would be “Don’t Be A Guy, Since You’re All Rapists.” BUT WE DON’T THINK THAT.

Anyway, MRAs have hated on this campaign before.

And now they’re doing it again, but this time they’ve made a serious mistake — they’ve put the posters out with the logos of organizations that (a) supported the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign, and (b) definitely do not support the posters put up by Mens Rights Halifax, and endorsed by A Voice for Paul Elam’s Anger Issues Men.

I think we should pause here, for this:

GIF_PuppyFrolickingI hope you’re feeling better now, because this gets worse.

It all started when people noticed this poster up in Halifax.  They let Bryony House, one of the organizations whose logo was on it, know; Bryony House quickly repudiated the poster. Which led Paul Elam of A Voice for Men to say the following:


As David noted,

“Your consent is not required” seems to be the operating assumption of a lot of those drawn to the Men’s Rights movement.

Let’s pause again to say, Hey! Let’s FASU (Fuck AVfM’s Shit Up) by donating to Bryony House! (Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal accepted.) If you really want to make MRAs mad, do something to make the world a nicer place!

You know what’s also nice? Bunnies running obstacle courses.

GIF_BunnyObstacleCourse(The Halifax Police were also named, but I don’t think we need to donate to them as they have other funding sources. Also, they’re taking steps on their own.)

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men states his position:

Be it known that if anyone legally placing posters is arrested or harassed by police selectively “enforcing law” in a way that discriminates based on ideology, A Voice for Men will fund legal action against them without hesitation. We will dedicate every resource we have to it. And we will not quit, ever.

That’s pretty internet tough guy! 

Most importantly, the problem is really about the “unambiguous misrepresentation of the views of several organizations with reputations to protect – including the Halifax police” not copyright, fair use, or anything like that.

Enough background. Let’s get to the ARTISTRY. If Paul Elam is unambiguously for misrepresenting the views of other organizations, it seems like his own organization is fair game!

First up: /u/TheBaby-SittersCoven from /r/againstmensrights (which, in spite of the name, is not actually against men having rights):

PNG_PaulElamEndorsesNOTE: This poster is a parody, and has not been endorsed by A Voice for Men or Paul Elam. But we already know Paul would be okay with it, because he believes it is fine to use other entities’ logos for things they would never endorse.

Manboobzer regular, and talented graphic artist Shaenon, also chips in with another poster totally not endorsed by A Voice for Men:


AMR regular /u/OMGCanIBlowYou jumps in:

NOT endorsed by Paul Elam

NOT endorsed by Paul Elam

TheBaby-SittersCoven likes OMG’s idea and runs with it:


Also likely NOT endorsed by Paul Elam.

/u/cordis_melum also wants to play, Rule 5 of /r/badhistory-style:

DEFINITELY not endorsed by A Voice for Men

DEFINITELY not endorsed by A Voice for Men

/u/TheBaby-SittersCoven continues on an /r/againstmensrights thread about Anita Sarkesian:

I'm pretty sure MRAs (including AVfM) hate Anita Sarkesian, which is kind of the point of this poster.

I’m pretty sure MRAs (including AVfM) hate Anita Sarkesian, which is kind of the point of this poster.

Those were beautiful.  You know what’s also beautiful? Napoleon riding a penguin.

NapoleonOnPenguinIt turns out that even perfection can be improved on:




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I promise I’ll be back soon with more artistry, but in the meantime…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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Anyone still reading this thing?

Sorry, I haven’t really had the heart to be updating lately but this artistry simply needed to be documented.

David wrote a post about some of the strange search terms that were leading people to his blog, and I sycophantically mimicked him by posting some of the strange search terms that were leading people to my blog:

slave to a manhater
udders under skirt
hurding cats limerick
feminism in importance of being earnest
this is not my point
rodney james alcala november 2012
nuns and kittens
mixed metaphor with deer
broken heart emo robot boy
war capybara
canadian travel advisory
connections between kittens and feminists
cat spaghetti
cheetos are hunting
pube terror
life stories and writings about prison life
lesson about judas
remarks about nasals victory
see boobz

Yes, you read that right. WAR CAPYBARA.

And then katz made it happen:



I love the war capybara so much I … words don’t exist.

You can see more fabulous art by katz at her deviantART page.

You can see a less warlike capybara right here:


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Merry Artistry (& Mockery)

Due to a family emergency, I haven’t been around much.  I hope whatever happened in your life today left you as happily fascinated as this cat:


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It’s a “human rights” movement, alright…

MRAs are fond of viewing the relationship between men and women as a protection racket — as Cliff of Pervocracy used to say, “That’s a nice gender you’ve got there. Shame if something … happened to it.”

Laddition illustrates that philosophy in an A Voice for Men thread about a woman reporter who checked into rehab:

Men don’t have to hate women, a world of male indifference will be a cold place to be a woman. If you want to be loved and cared for, try being lovable, at the very least.

Or else!

Manboobzer Athywren illustrates the intense humanitarianism of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) by translating that impulse into song (inspired by the famous USA for Africa tune “We are the World).

Here’s the original:

And here are Athywren’s revised lyrics:

“We are the wooooorrrrrld,
We are the childreeeeeeen,
We are gonna fuck their shit
Right up through the ceiliiiiiin’!

And there are terrible things,
Like comedies with funny dads
And sometimes
You can’t
Abandon your childreeeeeen

We are the wooooorrrrrld,
We are the childreeeeeeen,
We are gonna fuck their shit
Right up through the ceiliiiiiin’!

And there are terrible things,
Like boys not beating girls at ev’rything.
We’re gonna make-it-right
We’re gonna show-them-now
With in-dif-fereeeeence


We are the wooooorrrrrld,
We are the childreeeeeeen,
We are gonna fuck their shit
Right up through the ceiliiiiiin’!”

*waves a candle*

You want a GIF? I know you want a GIF. Here’s a waterskiing dog:


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Gilbert & Sullivan redux

Alice Sanguinaria, of the wonderful Feminist Skeptic blog, is apparently another manboobzer who appreciates Gilbert & Sullivan!  The last time we channeled G&S on Man Boobz was in mockery of epic troll NWOslave; this time Alice is mocking the satire-challenged Paul Elam:

I am the very model of a misogynistic a-hole
I’m versed in information whining, raging, and no-show.
I know the involuntary celibates and I cite Elam honorable
From Bash a Bitch to FTSU to terrorize manginas and women terrible.
I’m well acquainted too with Roosh the impeccable
King of all PUAs and holder of knowledge wonderful.
About Price I know from the Spearhead hail
And MGTOWs I support with my tales of wail!

I know that women are all gold digging sluts
But I can’t stop admiring their wriggling butts.
So I tell them that they’re all irrational whores
In order to get them to beg for more!

I am the very model of a misogynistic a-hole
I’m versed in information whining, raging, and no-show;
I sit in front of my computer and write screeds all day
So that I don’t need to face the fact that all I do is hate.

The context for this is Paul Elam falling for one of the most obviously fake stories of all time, and going all apoplectic over it. No matter how hard he tries, he ends up showing his ass — and still fails:


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Interior desecration, now with kittens!

baileyrenee was inspired by a photo katz took of her foster kitten, Violet, and created this kitty wallpaper:


Inspired perhaps by this image from the LILEKS Interior Desecration series, kittehserf created some ultimate kitty decor:


These cats seem intrigued (or maybe mesmerized):


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