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Merry Artistry (& Mockery)

Due to a family emergency, I haven’t been around much.  I hope whatever happened in your life today left you as happily fascinated as this cat:

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It’s a “human rights” movement, alright…

MRAs are fond of viewing the relationship between men and women as a protection racket — as Cliff of Pervocracy used to say, “That’s a nice gender you’ve got there. Shame if something … happened to it.” Laddition illustrates that … Continue reading

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Gilbert & Sullivan redux

Alice Sanguinaria, of the wonderful Feminist Skeptic blog, is apparently another manboobzer who appreciates Gilbert & Sullivan!  The last time we channeled G&S on Man Boobz was in mockery of epic troll NWOslave; this time Alice is mocking the satire-challenged … Continue reading

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Interior desecration, now with kittens!

baileyrenee was inspired by a photo katz took of her foster kitten, Violet, and created this kitty wallpaper: Inspired perhaps by this image from the LILEKS Interior Desecration series, kittehserf created some ultimate kitty decor: These cats seem intrigued (or … Continue reading

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Man Boobz’ Recipe Hotline: Pouding chômeur

There’s a wonderful French Canadian restaurant near me–a bit pricy, but worth the very occasional splurge. I don’t normally eat dessert when I eat out, but one time the waiter told such a heartfelt story about growing up quite poor, … Continue reading

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Ask and ye shall receive … artistry!

I was foofling around on Reddit (I spend way too much time on /r/aww) and I found a post about this beautiful 16-year-old cat.  Just a few replies in, a helful redditor had cropped the photo to emphasize the angry … Continue reading

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MRA History Lesson, part 5: China (Prehistory — Han Dynasty)

It’s time for the next installment of our series An MRA History of the World! Today we’re going back in time for a visit to the country MRA expats like to visit to find submissive women unspoiled by feminism: China! … Continue reading

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Pube Terror, and its many sequels (brought to you by Golden Retrievers)

One day, Diogenes the Cynic dropped in to share a little note from his boner: Oral is impossible on a woman who doesn’t trim well. lowquacks helpfully points out some other universal human experiences: It is impossible to kiss a … Continue reading

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What is it to be HU-man? (Text accompanied by freaked out kitties)

In response to a post about a PUA/Game practitioner who compares women over 25 to milk that’s gone off, a commenter named Energomash drops the following small brown pellet of “wisdom” in the Man Boobz comments thread: So what? He … Continue reading

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MRA History Lesson, part 4: Boudicca

As part of our ongoing series An MRA History of the World, I am pleased to present a chapter written by hippodameia8527 about an evil Celtic queen who helped lead an uprising against the manly Roman Empire. An MRA’s History of … Continue reading

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