MRAs Define the Meaning of Words Using Words & Meaning & Stuff

Maybe this belongs in the dictionary thread, but I wanted to give it some extra special attention. I was browing in /r/MensRights, and noticed this incredibly insightful comment from one of the misters defining feminism, capitalism, and communism:

It’s in the name. Feminism. Capitalism is about capital, communisim is about living in a commune/community, feminism is about femininity.

So of course I shared the comment with my fellow manboobzers, hoping we could provide definitions for various -isms that were at least as intelligent as redditor Andro-Egalitarian. Manboobzers came through with flying colors, and SittieKitty collected them all on deviantART:

MRA guide to -isms
  • Agapism: “Mind the gap?”
  • Anarachnidism: The ideology of having spiders in all windows
  • Anarchism: About living near an arch. That’s why most anarchists live in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Ataturkism: The desire of Turkish nationalists to have an American dad who will at one point say “‘Atta Turk!” because of something good they did
  • Atheism: About a hypothetical ocean with a lisp
  • Atomism: When everything is a tom cat
  • Autosoterism: The art of drunk driving
  • Barbarism: (1) All about haircuts; (2) About elephants playing tennis
  • Bonism: The political and social beliefs of MRAs
  • Buddhism: Having fun with your buddys
  • Bullionism: Belief that everything originated from a infinity flavored bullion cube
  • Capitalism: A need to captialize ALL THE LETTERS
  • Catabaptism: The refusal of cats to get into water
  • Catholicism: A state of being addicted to felines
  • Collectivism: An ideology related to collecting things
  • Confucianism: The art of being confused!
  • Conservativism: An obsession with conserving things
  • Cubism: About a Chicago baseball team
  • Dadaism: The science of baby talk
  • Discordianism: being mad at all the cords in your house and cussing at them
  • Dwarfism: Fan of a British Sci-fi TV series
  • Equestrianism: Devotion to online quest games
  • Essentialism: About the nice plant oils you use to make the room smell good
  • Externalism: About external things, like trees (external to a house), or clothing (external to a body), or rain (external to a cloud)
  • Fabianism: About teen idols
  • Fascism: About faces
  • Feudalism: About the Hatfield-McCoy animosity
  • Gigantism: Related to the study of ant dancing
  • Gism: All about enlisted men
  • Hypertrophism: About overly energetic trophies
  • Hypnotism: Living in a society run by hypnotists
  • Idealism: About advertising the fact that you deal cocaine
  • Leninism: (1) A method to allow entry for Leonard and Leonard only; (2) A fan of John but not so much Paul
  • Mannerism: (1) About making things more male oriented; (2) studies of etiquette
  • Marxism: Obsession with wacky 30′s screwball comedy
  • Mesmerism: About untidy mermaids!
  • Minimalism: The ability of cats to get into boxes too small for them (see also: Maru)
  • Monarchism: The love of monarch butterflies
  • Neo-dadaism: Liking your stepfather more than your biological father
  • Neoplasticism: Collecting The Matrix action figures
  • Objectivism: About counting at least four objects, using Roman numerals
  • Organism: All about grandiose keyboard instruments
  • Pacifism: Related to the study of the pacific ocean
  • Panspermatism: The belief we are all descended from satyrs
  • Pointillism: About pointing at sick people
  • Populism: How one becomes popular
  • Positivism: People who suppose drugs can be delivered through needles in blood vessels
  • Prism: (1) About public relations; (2) About Pris Stratton from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
  • Psychotheism: The worship of Mother Bates
  • Racism: Fan of white-haired guys in Johnny Quest
  • Relativism: A love for genetic and/or legal family. Broken up into General Relativism for all your relatives and Special Relativism for the family you actually like
  • Schism: About at least one of these things (though experts are divided as to which one): [link]
  • Sexism: About sexual intercourse, colloquially known as sex
  • Socialism: About PARTIEZ
  • Solipsism: (1) Pretty sure it’s about solar eclipses; (2) About amazing lips
  • Stalinism: What the Texas Senate Democrats did on Tuesday
  • Trotskyism: (1) Cross country skiing/ Alternatively rushing to the bathroom on skis; (2) The belief that pegasi should move above ground at a faster than a walk, slower than a gallop
Special mention (not *-isms):
  • Depression: The process by which ironed clothes come to be wrinkled again.
  • Feminism: About masculinity and power
  • Fidelphobic: Scared of Cuba.
  • Somearchists: People living in Moab, Ut
  • Unoamorous: A more literal love of uno
Thanks all ^.^ Credit to everyone who contributed! I’ll update as more come in.

Thanks, SittieKitty!  Here’s your GIF:



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    cloudiah, did you get my email with the FREEZE PEACH recipe?

  2. cloudiah says:

    Yup, sorry I didn’t reply. I want to do a recipe post when I get a chance (and when I can find the threads where we were posting recipes)!

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