A Peahen of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Man Boobz used to suffer from Ruby Hypatia, a terrible commenter who would talk about how terrible poor people were, how ugly naked men were, and more:

The fairer sex is just a cultural idea?! LOL! Sure, and the peacock being fairer than the peahen is just a cultural idea. Really you guys, what alternate reality are you living in?

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

jumbofish notices one small flaw with Ruby’s argument:

Sorry I have enough brain to question what society deems at “the truth” about whatever. I have notice that its not always the truth. And besides that peacock are male birds and peahens are female birds so if you are trying to make an analogy to humans you fail. XD

Have you noticed I'm a BIRD?

Have you noticed I’m a BIRD?

Cliff acknowledges that Ruby may have a point:

It’s true you guys. Scientists held up Fair-O-Meters to peacocks and peahens and determined this. And they were scientists doing it with science so you can’t question it.

Peacocks are scientifically beautiful.

I am scientifically beautiful.


The awesome and sorely missed Manjaw the Mighty provides a correction:

And did you know that sometimes peahens grow male plumage when they reach peafowl menopause? Just an unrelated but cool little fact.

Peacock or peahen? You decide.

Peacock or peahen? You decide.

Anyway, Cliff notices something poignant:

I bet peacocks think peahens are pretty beautiful.

Hey peahen, I think you're beautiful.

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling and I both think you’re beautiful.

Sharculese offers up SCIENCE:

i’m not an evolutionary biologist but i feel pretty confident saying the last common ancestor of humans and peacocks was fucking forever ago.

On the other hand, I could totally anthropomorphize this picture.

On the other hand, I could totally anthropomorphize this picture.

Sharculese doles out even MOAR SCIENCE:

when i was little i used to go to summer camp at the zoo and one time an employee in cart came around a corner too fast and scared the shit out of one of the free-roaming peacocks and it shot all its tailfeathers i guess as a defense mechanism and there wasnt any point to that story except i got a free peacock feather

C'mon and shake your tail feathers.

C’mon and shake your tail feather.

lauralot makes a surprising confession in response to Sharculese’s first comment:

Actually, I’ve secretly been a peacock this whole time. I’m sorry to have lied to everyone for all these months.

This goes on for a long time, but Ruby never changes.  I believe I owe you a GIF, and this one seems appropriate.


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2 Responses to A Peahen of Beauty is a Joy Forever

  1. Falconer says:

    Do a lot of hunt and peck typing, lauralot?

  2. katz says:

    And I just googled “menopausal peahens.”

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