The Origins of Burro Misandry

When David wrote a post about the pressing issue of burro misandry, of course the first question on the feminist hivemind was “What are the historic origins of this oppressive system?”

Luckily, Tulgey Logger was there to explain it to us:

David, thank you for bringing to light the often overlooked issue of Burro Misandry. Burro Misandry has a long, dark history: its earliest incarnation goes back to the fourteenth century, when the French philosopher Jean Buridan famously starved a (male) ass by placing it between two equidistant, and in all other ways equivalent, piles of sweet, delicious hay. Unable to choose, the poor ass starved to death, the first victim among many of feminism’s war on men and boys. Unsurprisingly, Buridan arranged this scenario in order to prove the antiquated theories of the mangina philosopher Aristotle (a distant ancestor of Valerie Solanas) as expressed in his “de Caelo,” in which the white knighting ALPHA FUCK himself posited that a man placed directly between food and water would be stricken with indecision and thereby starve to death. Though feminazis and manginas have been attempting to destroy men and boys through a similar mechanism ever since, their inferior ladybrains/mangina softheads

Postus interruptus!  But Tulgey continues:

…never did grasp the fact that the male brain is perfectly capable of understanding that he will die of dehydration long before he starves, and so naturally take the water first.

Also, I must protest the “post comment” button, David. It made me post before I was done, thus embarrassing me, a man. It is therefore a misandrist button and should be either removed or placed on as a bigot.

These burros are wondering what "misandry" is

These burros are wondering what “misandry” is

Burros are cute.  You know what else is cute?  Cats.  I want this to be a real video game:



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