Awesomeness From a Non-Manboobzer

A bunch of manboobzers posted this video by animator/illustrator Scott Benson:

The music is “Tiger Rag and Jubilee Stomp” by Duke Ellington, which you can find here.

Benson also wrote a tumblr post that is very much worth reading, in which he describes an experience we manboobzers know so well:

And really, arguing with misogynists, men who primarily see women as alternately parasites/ fascists / whores, and dudes who spend their waking hours trying to unlock the intricacies of using women for sex holds about as much interest to me as arguing with a racist or a homophobe. While pushing my face slowly into a belt sander. And being menaced by lions full of wasps. On a humid day.

Kudos to Benson for a fantastic video. Check out his other videos (also awesome) on Vimeo here.

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