In which I become a patron of the arts…

LBT created the lovely banner art for my blog.  LBT is also a very talented writer, and started Xenothon to give folks a chance to prompt and/or sponsor writings on the theme of The Other.  I was way too slow to suggest a prompt, but I am very please to announce that I was able to sponsor two short stories prompted by others. (Sponsorships are still available!)

Prompt #1:

LBT took chordatesrock’s ‘The Other living among everyone else, pretending nothing is at all odd’ prompt and wrote ‘The Tree That Wasn’t,’ a story of an entity trying very hard to pretend it’s a tree, and what happens when it’s eventually found out by a woman living nearby.

Prompt #2:

meepalicious suggested “Never eat the food in fairyland.” + “Eating the Other“, and LBT wrote wrote, ‘Queen Mab’s Castle,’ where an impoverished fae people turns to cultural tourism, making Tir na Nog into a resort. Maeve is a long-suffering tour guide for Queen Mab’s Castle, spending her days with pushy tourists, until one forgets the nature of the fae and pushes her a little too far.

Manboobzer The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help also sponsored a wonderful story about an Earth-Spirit romance from a cat’s point of view, which you can find here.

LBT’s blog, Loony Brain is also wonderful, and a great way to learn about multiplicity. Please read it, and please consider sponsoring one of LBT’s stories — or commissioning some other form of art!

Update: You can find much more of Rogan’s artistry over at deviantART.

I do like to have graphics in my posts, so here’s a snowboarding opossum.


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