Graphing, Marketing, and Herbling

In a post ridiculing a guest writer (Samseau) on Roosh’s blog, David notes the dude’s terrible graph which “documents” the least and most important issues facing men in the 21st century.

Least important issue?  Race.

Most important issue?  Getting laid.

Seriously. Go look.

kiwi girl helpfully illustrates for us the extent to which MRAs understand graphs.


Then lowquacks passes along the secret to a successful marketing campaign:

The template is:

[rhetorical question with vaguely creepy wording emphasised] [another rhetorical question that outlines the niche of the product] [rhetorical question with a bad but self-satisfied pun] Try [PRODUCT NAME, where the first half of the name describes the market and the second the product]!


Example #1:

My kitty cats probably hear it the most, when I feed them in the mornings:

Are you an individual of the feline persuasion? D you love to eat, but the chow on the human table ain’t up to scratch? Do you want food for PAWS and TAILS, not FORKS and TABLES? Try CAT FOOD!

CAT FOOD: It’s food – for CATS!

Example #2 (helping to re-define the PUA catchphrase “herbling”):

WANT to flash your cash in a uniquely feminine way? Don’t want to rock the diamond-encrusted chains the boys do? Need your ICE to bring out your EYES? Try HERBLING!

HERBLING: it’s bling – for HER!

Based on the shoe discussion that starts around here, I am pretty sure HERBLING looks like this:


Now here is a GIF of a puppy feeding a lamb with a bottle:


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2 Responses to Graphing, Marketing, and Herbling

  1. The puppy and lamb! Squeeeeeee!

  2. cloudiah says:

    I’m just going to include totally random (but cute) GIFs in all my posts from here on out. 😀

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