JohntheAngryOtter posters (many images & gifs in this post)

JohnTheOther (aka John Hembling — I am not doxxing him, he calls himself that on A Voice for Men these days) loses his shit with such regularity I am pretty sure he is on a high fiber diet.

One person with an Xacto knife scraping at a poster becomes a mob of angry feminists wielding box cutters and torches and threatening to burn JtO alive, or something like that. He even turns on his fellow travelers on the Men’s Rights subreddit!

MRAs are so tiresome. I think I’m going to take a tip from the master and liven up this post with some adorable animals:


Okay, back to John Boy.

Cthulhu’s Intern confesses to seeing JtO’s screen name as John the Otter, and then picturing

an otter typing angrily on a keyboard, which is hilarious to me. Instant brain bleach for anything he says.

katz imagines JtOtter’s reaction when presented with facts:


I can’t hear you over all this MISANDRY!!!

The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help shares a video of JtOtter bravely fighting off the feminist hordes:

Ctulhu’s Intern realizes that if JtOtter really is an otter, it makes more sense that he would have felt threatened during the box cutter incident:

Now I can understand why he keeps talking about the box cutters. Since he’s no more than 2 feet tall, when the women moved their arms around casually, from his perspective, it probably looked like they were swinging them threateningly. It’s a simple mistake.

(Apparently, some otters are taller than that.)

Now let’s take a quick break for some adorable bunnies.bunny_lips

Ready to dive back in?

sidestinkappleeye finds an actual picture of JtOtter!*  And then calls for — and almost immediately starts — a JtOtter poster blitz!


Cthulhu’s Intern makes a very specific request:

Can someone draw a picture of an otter at a computer, angrily banging on the keys shouting something along the lines of “Feminism! Creep shaming! Box cutters!”

Kittehs’ comes through:


Tulgey Logger makes a poster:


From the Greek word for otter: “enidrida” (ενυδρίδα)

Cthulhu’s Intern gives it the old college try:

JtOtter04Kittehs’ is unstoppable:


sidestinkappleeye keeps going:


David makes a post about the JtOtter posters, and the posterizing continues apace!

Tulgey Logger makes a very subtle statement:


sidestinkappleeye channels a very angry otter:


Cthulhu’s Intern’s otter has had enough:


sidestinkappleeye gives us Robo Otter:


Kittehs’ can’t stop, won’t stop:


Tulgey goes off on a non-otter-related tangent:


Jayem Griffin gives it a shot:


Tulgey’s still enjoying that tangent:


Kittehs’ just keeps going!


sidestinkappleeye alerts us all to the reality of feminist LEGO assassins with pink sniper rifles:


inurashii proves that otters drawn while slightly inebriated are slightly adorable:


First they ignore mustelidae, then they laugh at mustelidae, then they fight mustelidae, then mustelidae win.

And Myoo comes to play:


Whew!  I think that’s it for the posters for now.  But I don’t think there were nearly enough cute animals in this post. Here, have a romantic baby sloth.


* NOTE: Not an actual picture of JtOtter.

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4 Responses to JohntheAngryOtter posters (many images & gifs in this post)

  1. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help says:

    I am ded from laughing! I think Cthulhu’s Intern wins with the “Feminists In Disguise!” poster.

  2. cloudiah says:

    They’re all good though. I remember how hard I was laughing while reading that post. Good times, good times.

  3. OtterlyRidiculous says:

    Quite frankly, this is an insult to otters.

  4. Amilolo says:

    You’re hilarious, thanksfor the laugh (:

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