The Clown Revolution is Coming


Some manboobzer wisdom from Pervocracy about the Men’s Rights Movement’s favorite Gandhi quote:

First they ignore us …
Then they laugh at us …
Then they fight us …
Then we win …

MRAs love this quote. But sometimes they forget that people also laugh at clowns. Doesn’t mean that the Clown Revolution is coming.

…oh God, it doesn’t, right? Oh no. I regret thinking about this.


Avanti buffoni, alla riscossa,
Bandiera rossa, Bandiera rossa

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2 Responses to The Clown Revolution is Coming

  1. MLM says:

    MRA’s are quoting Gandhi??! I fear that Clown Revolution may have already begun…

  2. cloudiah says:

    That is totally their favorite quote. You can’t spend 10 minutes on r/MensRights without seeing someone trot it out. Weird.

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