A Helpful Guide for Manboobz Trolls

Sorry so long since the last post, but I’ve been busy.  Here’s a blast from the (recent) past from Viscaria, whom we met briefly once before.  After long-time Man Boobz troll/vampire/extreme doll-lover David K. Meller tries to sockpuppet as Roger T. Cramwell and is nearly immediately uncovered, Viscaria offers him some advice:

Viscaria’s Tips for Successful Bad-Faith Manipulation of Discussions on Manboobz

Chapter 1: Sockpuppetry.

Do you find that none of the feminist shrikes on Manboobz are rushing in to agree with you? Those cruel harridans! But no matter, you can make your own Manboobz champion with the technique known as sockpuppetry! A sock puppet is to real-life supporters what a creepy doll is to a real-life girlfriend: only an imitation, but better than the real thing because it has no pesky will of its own. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Use a different email address than you usually do.

This step is very important, because your gravatar is linked to your email address. Unfortunately, many Manboobz readers are more intelligent than your average lamp (this will cause us trouble later in the chapter as well) and will be able to recognize a gravatar that they have seen many times before, especially if they only have to scroll up half of a page to see it beside your usual ‘nym.

Step 2: Choose your name wisely.

Take a glance at the ‘nym of other commenters on the site. Then, take a look at your usual handle. Is there something unique to your ‘nym, something that makes you immediately stand out? Try not using that exact same quality in the new handle you devise. Perhaps you can try naming yourself after an animal or plant! The author of these tips has drawn her own ‘nym from a flower. But you wouldn’t want to do that, because flowers are girly. Gross.

Step 3: Act as if you have not encountered these unfluffy types before.

While it is very tempting to respond to the vicious attacks the Manboobz shrikes have sent your way, it’s probably best to use your regular account to do this. When your sock puppet starts defending you in the 1st person, some may become suspicious. This is where that “smarter than a lamp” problem comes up once more.

Step 4: Try to do something – anything – to distinguish your sock’s writing from your usual style

We all have tics in our writing that may stick out in the minds of our readers. Some writers will use a very casual voice, some writers have a fondness for certain words, and some writers write as if they were 17th century vampires with a sticky exclamation mark key. It can be hard, sometimes, to recognize our own writing quirks, so this is where you will want to employ the same techniques as you did in step 2. Take a glance around at the other comments – what differences exist between those comments and your own? How often, say, do these other comments use feminine suffixes, or use a question mark in brackets beside a word (as in, “women(?)”). Once you have discovered some of the distinguishing features of your own writing style, try to avoid them when writing in your sock’s voice.

Step 5: Have fun!

You now have all the tools you need to make those unloving shrews squirm! Enjoy watching them as, one by one, they renounce feminism and pledge to find a man to submit to, like perfect porcelain dolls made flesh.

We’re all waiting eagerly for Chapter 2!  Since this post doesn’t have any graphics yet, here’s a hamster endlessly eating rice:


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