Paul Elam interviews a prospective editor (UPDATED)

Like many of the bright lights in the manosphere, Paul Elam has an inflated idea about the quality of his writing — no doubt boosted by the adulation from commenters on A Voice for Men. Here’s a sampler of comments on some of his blog posts:

A great piece, Paul.

You speak for me Paul, 101%.

Great work Paul Elam and Dean Esmay. You are paving the way for resistance to organized crime activities. WE [sic] are not going to be [sic] end up as sitting ducks like the eyeglass-wearers of Cambodia, or the Christian farmers of Ukraine, or the innocent citizens of Rwanda.

Beautiful, Paul. Your words do justice to the generations of men who were little more than enigmas, functioning only as a [sic] armatures of the state through its wars, or family units through their physically demeaning labor.

Oh, those enigmatic armatures, laboring away, never realizing they are the sitting ducks of Rwanda…

cat can't quite believe what it's hearing

Anyway, how could a dude not get an outsized ego with that kind of fawning going on?

titianblue sums up the problem:

Paul Elam is definitely in love with his own voice. Could do with an editor, really, to rein in those florid tendencies.

CassandraSays runs with the scenario:

Imagine the interview.

Elam – So, do you think my writing is perfect and all my ideas are amazing?

Applicant – Um, no? Which is why you’re hiring an editor?

Elam – What? You think I’m not perfect? Misandry! I’m going to register you!

Applicant – But the job listing said…

Elam – Silence! You will leave now, and I will masturbate over the thought of the revenge I shall enact upon you for questioning my selfless perfection.

raptor is shocked

katz has now provided us with a visual for this scenario, which you can find must visit here.

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4 Responses to Paul Elam interviews a prospective editor (UPDATED)

  1. katz says:

    …I’d better have Pierre apply for this job, shouldn’t I?

  2. cloudiah says:

    I think you are now required to illustrate this scenario, yes. Poor Pierre.

  3. clairedammit says:

    Katz, I think this interview was why Pierre decided to go to medical school.

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