Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution (now in smaller chunks!) : part 2

NOTE: These posters are parodies of posters created by A Voice for Men. None have been endorsed by A Voice for Men.

So, I said on November 27 that I would be back “tomorrow” with more AVfM poster mockery, but … well, what can I say. I’m here now. And there are lots more posters! I’m going to share them in smaller chunks, because I am sensitive that some people may have slower internet connections lazy.

Lets start with one I missed.  wesleyv offers up this fine contribution:

Napoleon does not approve.

Napoleon does not approve.

katz, who like all fine digital artists uses Microsoft Word running in Windows 3.1, has another inspiration:

"Demented Clippy is AMAZING."

“Demented Clippy is AMAZING.”

myoo acknowledges that, when constructing a Men’s Rights poster, coherence is your enemy:

Well? Am I right?

Well? Am I right?

Ostara summons the trolls, and 4 minutes later a MRA named driversuz drops by to poop in the thread with a link to a disturbing post in which she wants to marry her son or something. I didn’t read it. But Ostara is clearly a visitor from THE FUTURE who can tell us what is to come.

Troll #2, The First Joe (we’ve met him before) arrives and begins a roller coaster ride alternating between jocularity and impotent rage. He starts by explaining the “semiotics” of the AVfM “princess cupcake” poster which clarifies … well, nothing. And then he goes into “ARGLE BARGLE” mode, saying

No, fuck off. I am well aware that not one of you Manbbobzers would give a flying fuck if a man were slitting his wrists right in front of you

Oh yeah? Well, Tulgey Logger knows a few things about The First Joe!

I know for a fact that The First Joe would gladly bathe in the blood of a virgin sacrifice, given the opportunity. Indeed, he would commit no less than ten arsons and three petty thefts to see a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises. There’s really no point in arguing with such a depraved soul.


If I were eating a bucket of live hamsters, The First Joe would be like “Yo, can I have one?” and I’d be all like “Sure” and then he would take, like, three.

And that’s not cool.

katz reminds us about proper hamster-eating etiquette:

Srsly, everyone knows that you take one hamster. Where are your manners, Joe?

I try to defend Joe:

Wait, are the hamsters buttered? Because if they are buttered, I think Joe1 limiting himself to just 3 delicious hot buttered hamsters is showing tremendous restraint. Just saying.

Creative Writing Student documents the well-known feminist penchant for killing, buttering, and eating hamsters.

Feminists hate male hamsters

Feminists hate male hamsters

More posters to come!

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3 Responses to Rejoin the Man Boobz Poster Revolution (now in smaller chunks!) : part 2

  1. clairedammit says:

    Yay, hot buttered hamsters!

  2. thebewilderness says:

    OMG! Chortle.

  3. Tulgey Logger says:

    Clippy knows what’s up with feminism and women! I think that one is my favorite, although myoo’s presumably hand-drawn Scented Femicandle really got me, and overall has the zen of incoherence necessary for good Mensrightsactivism.

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