The Elephant in the Room Meets the Giraffe in the Fish Bar

I’m going to have to take a short break from posting; back mid-November.  But here’s a little something to chuckle about while you wait for more artistry.

The dudes at MGTOWforums got a little mad at AVfM for allowing women to participate; David covers it here. One of the dudes expresses his relief at the fact that the mods at their forum would never let any women in there:

Yet another thanks to the mods for keeping the estrogen away from this place. They just gotta stick their goofy giraffe heads in every fish bar.

Multiple manboobzers are stumped by that last sentence. What’s a fish bar? Is it any relation to a fish finger? Was this particular MGHOW scarred by his experience dating giraffes, or perhaps women in giraffe costumes? Is it surrealist poetry? Has he been dropping acid?*

Luckily, Myoo drops by to illustrate the phenomenon for us, adorably.

A panel of impartial judges has reviewed the evidence and issued their ruling.


FGTOW (fish going their own way):  0

Goofy feminist giraffes: eleventy-million squared!!!!!!!!!1111!

* Dropping acid illustrated by katz.

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