Caspar, the unfriendly ghost, tries to start a rap war

Caspar’s original submission:

It aint easy bein a dude in a world full of chicks
You aint a man, Futrelle, you just a girl with a dick
You’re the one with the man-boobs, cleavage a dark chasm
Afraid to face the facts, just speakin in sarcasm
Society is sexist towards men, we’re tryin to fight the sickness
You and your followers are just some spiteful bitches
You’re weak, you aint a fighter like me, you just a little pushy
Nothin but a douchebag hopin for some pity pussy

kirbywarp responds:

Poy. Poy. Poyo. Poy.
Announcer: “Let’s give it up, for Rapper Kirby!”

It ain’t easy being male in a world full of dudes
Delusioned of oppression with obnoxious attitudes
Who think that women sexually should never have a choice
And even hint suggestively to cut away her voice.
Oppression of these people is the kind all assholes share
When people call them on their shit, exposing to the air
Their vast misogyny as they longingly look forward to the day
When society lies in ruins ’cause they didn’t have their way.
You think you are a fighter, well then what precisely for
When all of your compatriots are demanding that the score
Be evened out by breeding out a woman’s independence,
Or hijacking law by freeing even guilty rape defendants?
Your cadence is pathetic, and your insults are benign,
I’ve seen some better rhyming from my third-grade valentine.
Your cause is just a backlash against progress, and it’s sore
That men aren’t special citizens the way they were before.
Facts? Don’t make me laugh. Wouldn’t know ‘em if they bit you.
Just make sure when throwing stones a shard of bullshit doesn’t hit you.

lowquacks (aka flowquacks) goes in:

Invisible? Disposable? Nah, I see you
and I see what you write and it’s backwards #hebrew
Wanna know who’s got the answers here? We do!
Kirbs is sick of your bullshit – guess what, me too!
Nice Guys keep comin’ back like the sea do
Chastised for black eyes? “What about the ladies out there who like to smack guys?”
To you, it’s like this patriarchy never existed
This beat is now officially the point, ’cause you missed it.
Women, children everywhere first? Prove it!
“Activists” won’t even stand up like they hate movement
Not me, I’m headed to the town for some bon bons
You is all fluff and no substance #pom-poms
The name is lowquacks, I’m in demand no doubt,
now everybody out there getcha Man Boobz out!

(cut back to chorus*)

* a chopped-and-screwed section of “Fuck Their Shit Up”

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